[participation report]Let’s make Japanese fall sweets while having international exchange!

You can enjoy Japanese culture while interacting with Japanese people!

I joined ”Let’s make autumn wagashi while interacting with foreigners in Japanese” in September!

Thanks to you, I had a great time!

I went to make Japanese sweets, which are essential to the tea ceremony, this time!

This time, we made “chestnut sweet bean paste jelly” and “sweet red bean soup with a grilled rice cake with matcha”.

Japanese sweets change according to the season.

For this reason, we made a Japanese sweets that looked like autumn and enjoyed it together!

Thanks to you, it was a valuable experience and learning, and I am grateful again.

A person from Chile came and I enjoyed listening to other countries’ stories.

(※ I also enjoyed Chinese tea!)

In my original tea ceremony program, anyone can tell you the secret of making Matcha from the day easily and happily!

This is a way to enjoy matcha easily as “The familiar tea ceremony that is useful in modern daily life”.; From the culture and history of the tea ceremony, we introduce the knowledge that is easy to incorporate into daily life.

This makes Japanese tea ceremony more casual and enjoyable every day.

Enjoy and enrich your daily life through Japanese tea ceremony! I am telling you with that in mind.

I hope it will be fun and helpful.