Event and tea gathering for beginners

The Hospitality tea ceremony is different from ordinary tea ceremony.
The present tea ceremony classroom is mainly to learn the tea ceremony established about 150 years ago and to become extreme.
However, I thought that we should make use of the know-how and knowledge of the tea ceremony as a useful tool for our daily lives and life guidelines.

And it is the Hospitality tea ceremony of Mika Fukushima style which established.
As a Hospitality tea ceremony, “As a familiar tea ceremony useful for daily life in the modern era” I will inform you of the easy way to enjoy Matcha & tea ceremony culture and knowledge that is easy to incorporate into everyday life from the history.
This realizes a Hospitality tea ceremony where every day is fun.

●Only in Tokyo!Detail of Hospitality tea ceremony seminar · tea ceremony for beginners

“I want to do a tea ceremony!” “I want to know more about Japanese culture!” Fulfilling the wish, I can spend happily every day!

As Hospitality tea ceremony, “As a familiar tea ceremony useful for daily life in the modern era” I will inform you of the easy way to enjoy Matcha & tea ceremony culture and knowledge that is easy to incorporate into everyday life from the history.

This realizes Hospitality tea ceremony where everyday is fun.

To make tea

“Feel free to try experiencing something called a tea ceremony a little!”
“I want to know the point of communicating the tea ceremony to overseas people!”
“What is Hospitality tea ceremony?”
“I want to give presents to matcha tea ceremony for the opponent!”
“I would like to hold a tea ceremony tea ceremony so I want to know the trick!”

I can respond to such demand!

You can experience Hospitality tea ceremony connected by tea while receiving tea that you gave yourself.

(※This is what I did at the university.)

<Basic service>

※It is a normal service. We may be able to respond by situation and request, so please feel free to contact us.

Hospitality tea ceremony is different from ordinary traditional tea ceremony.

Beginners are the first directions.

It is the main thing that participants enjoy and experience through learning the basics of tea ceremony and experiencing tea actually.

I will also tell through the history and knowledge of the tea ceremony the know-how that is useful now for modern times.

【Duration】 60 minutes or 90 minutes

【Place】 Tokyo area only

【Capacity】 I will teach about practice, so please give me an even number (4 people ~)

【Outline of the program】
1: Introduction …
※ Let’s get along with simple self-introduction!
→ Why the original purpose of the tea ceremony and why it was regarded as important
→ Talk of Japanese aesthetic sense and history
→ The three elements that make up the tea ceremony

2: Basic knowledge of the tea ceremony

3: Learning from the tea ceremony, practice and Zen
※ What is Zen? And why does the tea ceremony focus on Zen?

4: How to make delicious tea
Even beginners will teach you how to easily match green tea.
→ The efficacy of Matcha, how to preserve Matcha

5: In order to take the first steps
Hints to learn from the tea ceremony, live abundantly in life
Question-and-answer session

Finally … Recommended! Useful information

· Let’s actually join the tea party! As a participant
· Points to be aware of when you join the tea party
· The way of thinking and the way of thinking are different! The difference of the school of tea ceremony
– Easy tips to delicately match green tea
· How to eat sweets and how to handle chopsticks when participating

【Lecturer Fee】

60 minutes:75,000yen(Tax not included)~
90 minutes:98,000yen(Tax not included)~

※ Venue fee, equipment cost, round-trip transportation fee etc are not included. Please inquire details for us.

【Receiving such a happy voice!】

· I am recently addicted to Matcha and want to try tea with myself! I thought. So join Mika ‘s tea ceremony and you can do it myself so easily! I was impressed!

· Because it is not just knowledge of the tea ceremony, we talk about how we can make use of it to the present age, so it was easy to understand. I began to think that I should learn a tea ceremony even by myself.

· I thought it was difficult if I called the tea ceremony, but since I taught us to understand well, such as Disney Land’s example, it was so fun learning!

· Even the first person taught me easily the meaning of the method such as “Why bowls are drunk twice” or they are doing a lecture to tea easily in the house.

· Mika’s Hospitality tea ceremony was a fun way to enjoy it, with interesting practices and drinking tea with each other.

· Thanks to Mika – san, I thought that I should try to do the tea ceremony properly, and it seemed that I could utilize my mother ‘s tea ceremony, so I was very happy.

【Advance Notice】 Please be sure to read

<Environmental condition>

・Secure a place where all the participants can sit down and have a clean kitchen, such as a rental kitchen

・Securing equipment that all participants can experience

・Chairs and tables for all participants

・Always be accompanied by one or more interpreters who can understand Japanese.

<Required equipment>


·Tea Bowl


·Tea whisk

· Matcha

· Sweets

·Tea spoon

· What boils hot water

·The dishes

<Please refrain from person>

· For those who are solicitation (Although it is advertisement OK, it is a brute solicitation)

· Those who can not cooperate with the conditions

· Those who are asked for a point of full-fledged tea ceremony etc.

· Those who are conducted only by overseas people who do not have interpreters in Japanese

<Cancellation fee>

We will receive the full amount from 2 weeks ago.

Please consult us 2 months before the scheduled date.

[A4 size 3 pages] How to make easy and delicious matcha,manners and useful information[Simple ver.]


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