Video content is being distributed from April 2018.
The concept is “How can you feel Japanese culture fun and familiar in contemporary daily life?”
I think that it will be a different viewpoint from traditional Japanese way of Japanese culture, but I will deliver my feelings to get even a little interest!

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Tea ceremony Outfit 

In Japanese tea ceremony, we will arrange tools every time to match the theme and season of the tea party (the four seasons), the world view and so on.
The point that becomes a problem at that time is that “you need to prepare new tools each time and arrange them.”
In Japanese tea ceremony, even if it is not originally a formal tea ceremony tool to say “to stand out”, it may be like substitution.
However, I thought that I could enjoy “transformation” so as to make it “dress up” more easily.
Therefore, what we invented is “to dress up Japanese tea ceremony”.

With this idea, as if women choose clothes according to their moods, tea ceremony can be easily catered according to their theme and world view.
“Japanese tea ceremony Outfit” was announced in February 2017.

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[A4 size 3 pages] How to make easy and delicious matcha,manners and useful information[Simple ver.]

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