What is the [Hospitality] Japanese Tea Ceremony?

1: Simple etiquette

2: Knowledge of the tea ceremony and Zen which are useful in the present day 

3:Events and seminars to promote human interaction 

4:understand Japanese culture and Japanese character

I have made all the programs out of the belief that “I want people from other countries to know more about Japan and the Japanese through tea ceremony.”

Therefore, I will convey it in an easy-to-understand, historical and modern context. And we aim to make it easier to communicate with people from all over the world.

And I value the enjoyment of the tea ceremony culture. In addition, we hope to create new relationships and opportunities through interaction.

I am doing my activities with the feeling that I would be happy if people would enjoy the tea ceremony if they could communicate the contents of the tea ceremony, understand it, and be interested in it.

<About me>

Born in 1989.Before graduating from high school, I won the Beginner Permit in Urasenke Tea Ceremony.
After graduating from high school, I went to Sophia University Junior College Department English.
After that, I transferred to Art University.
I completed the art education at the Graduate School of Fine Art University Graduate School and acquired the curatorial qualification at the same time.
I also got qualification of a clinical artist.

Since I was a student, I have held tea ceremonies, including study sessions, that can be enjoyed even by beginners who are “Hospitality tea gathering and seminar” at sharehouses.
I also held a tea ceremony lecture for people coming from overseas.
In order to hold many tea ceremonies, I also obtained qualifications such as food hygiene managers.
Actively from the age of 25, I will tell the fun and enjoyment of the tea ceremony for universities and companies.
I am working to spread “Hospitality tea ceremony” which can be easily casually even for beginners to more people.
【Cities and countries visited】
Singapore, Guam, Hawaii, Taiwan, NewZealand Wellington, Paris, Italy, London, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,Greece



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