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Bambooo Matcha Tea Ceremony Set

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tea bowl 茶碗


tea whisk 茶筅


hanging scroll 軸


incense container 香合


flowers for tea 茶花


flower container 花入


kettle 釜


water container 水指


lid rest 蓋置


rinse water receptable 建水


ladle 柄杓


silk cloth帛紗


square of classic-patterned fabric 古帛紗


charcoal container 炭斗


pick made of spicewood 黒文字


thin tea 薄茶


thick tea 濃茶


poetic name 銘


tea room 茶室


sunken hearth炉


brazier 風炉


folding fan 扇子


bosom-pocket paper 懐紙


sweet pick 菓子切り


pouch for personal items 数寄屋袋


container for powdered thin tea 棗


tea scoop 茶杓


linen cloth 茶巾


tea function 茶事


tea gathering 茶会


meal for tea 懐石


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[A4 size 2 pages] How to make easy and delicious matcha,manners and useful information[Simple ver.]

Welcome to Japan!

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