<I will introduce the tea ceremony tools and words!
Once you know the meaning, you will enjoy the tea ceremony more and more!>

Tea ceremony japanese culture


・tea bowl 茶碗:A bowl for drinking matcha green tea

・tea whisk 茶筅:Used to whip matcha green tea powder

・hanging scroll 軸:Themes such as hanging scroll

・incense container 香合:For adding fragrance

・flowers for tea 茶花:For tea ceremony

・flower container 花入:For tea ceremony

・kettle 釜:For boiling water

・water container 水指:For adding water to a kettle or storing water for washing a tea bowl or tea whisk in tea ceremony procedure

・lid rest 蓋置:A tea utensil used to hold the lid of a tea kettle or a ladle

・rinse water receptable 建水:Tea utensil used to rinse or warm a tea bowl and to throw away the water or hot water.

・ladle 柄杓:For drawing water

・silk cloth 帛紗:Cloth in handling tea utensils

・square of classic-patterned fabric 古帛紗:Cloths to handle tea utensils for customers

・charcoal container 炭斗:Used by the host in charcoal making in front of the guests to make charcoal in the hearth and to carry the charcoal together with kogo, habaki, kamashiki, rings and hibashi chopsticks into the table

・pick made of spicewood 黒文字:Served with “Omogashi” which is used for a meal in tea ceremony, and is also used as a pair of chopsticks for meals etc.

・thin tea 薄茶:Basically a tea served at tea gathering

・thick tea 濃茶:Basically served in tea ceremonies

・poetic name 銘:The unique name of the work in tea utensils

・tea room 茶室:A room where tea ceremony is held

・sunken hearth 炉:A base for boiling water used during the winter season from November to April.

・brazier 風炉:A base for boiling water used in the summer of May and October

・folding fan 扇子:It is mainly used as a greeting

・bosom-pocket paper 懐紙:Used as a plate when you eat tea sweets

・sweet pick 菓子切り:Something for eating sweets

・pouch for personal items 数寄屋袋:Putting together the tools necessary to participate as a customer

・container for powdered thin tea 棗:Container for powdered green tea

・tea scoop 茶杓:For removing powdered green tea from container for powdered thin tea

・linen cloth 茶巾:Used in tea ceremony to purify utensils used in tea ceremony

・tea function 茶事:Traditional Japanese meal served before a ceremonial tea and sake served at tea ceremonies.

・tea gathering 茶会:Tea and sweets served by the tea master

・meal for tea 懐石:The host entertains guests at formal tea ceremonies.

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