Enjoying Life with Japanese Tea Ceremony

Why don’t you hospitality enjoy learning Japanese tea ceremony?

You can do it without straight sitting, kimono, and tea room!

You can easily enjoy everyday at your house if you have minimum tools!

Useful for tea gathering! Clear manners!

You can understand knowledge without learning in the tea ceremony class!

You can improve beauty and health by drinking matcha easily!

You can enjoy learning Japan,Japanese people,Japanese culture!

Hospitality tea ceremony fulfills your wishes!

It can be fun because thoroughly close-up content to beginners

Characteristics of Hospitality Japanese Tea Ceremony


The original “Hospitality tea ceremony”,easy to manner

You can enjoy just 6 items.
Of course, you don’t need sitting straight,kimono and tea room.
I will show you how to make bubbles easily for beginners, and some tips to enjoy.
More than anything, the “heart to enjoy” is important!
You can also provide hospitality to people.


Knowing will make you enjoy every day!

You can learn the history,the meaning of manners, and the spirituality and aesthetics of Japan.Basically, to enjoy time and seasons, to be kindness to people,You can learn to make each other cozy.So,you will be able to enjoy life more abundantly.

drink tea

Zen heart that also serves daily and your life

The tea ceremony contains the teachings of Zen.The basic idea of ??Zen is “to face and cherish yourself.”You will enrich your spirit through the tea ceremony.Furthermore, active intake of matcha tea leads to health both physically and mentally.

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[A4 size 3 pages] How to make easy and delicious matcha,manners and useful information[Simple ver.]

Hello, I’m Mika Fukushima,Japanese hospitality tea ceremony teacher.
I started studing traditional Japanese tea ceremony began at the age of 13.(Born in 1989.)
My mother also play it.I am taking over the tools of hers.
Since I was a student, I started to request my friends “We want to feel more familiar with the tea ceremony! We want you to do such a casual tea party”.
I have a casual tea ceremony at a share house with friends, or have invited a newly married abroad to do hospitality.
Currently I do seminars and tea ceremonies at universities and companies as a “Hospitality tea ceremony”, and I also write a column at the request of companies.
Through Japanese tea ceremony, usual daily life is more fun and rich!
I am telling you with such a thought.
Thank you very much.


Event and tea gathering for beginners

This Japanese hospitality tea ceremony is different from ordinary traditional tea ceremony.
This is perfect for beginners and those who are new to tea ceremony.
It is the main thing that participants enjoy and experience through learning the foundation of the tea ceremony and experiencing actually teaing.

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Introduction of tools

Let’s do it if you know how to enjoy a tea ceremony easily at home. Guide will introduce tools that you can easily enjoy tea ceremony even at home!In addition, actively ingesting Matcha tea leads to physical and mental health.
If you have tools, you can also hospitality to friends and family.
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Information that makes fun every day

drink tea
I will inform you through the history and knowledge of Japanese tea ceremony the know-how that is useful now for modern times.
For example, you can learn things that Japanese people have cherished from the Zen teachings through experience.In addition, even a beginner can learn the secret of making tea with beautiful foam easily.

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