Do you think that Japanese tea ceremony is just drinking tea?

We can not do without a sitting straight and kimono
Felt sorry for our legs in a regular sitting position for a long time.

Japanese tea ceremony is cool, but the hurdle is high
It was cool looking at magazines and videos, but I can not feel free to do it.

Even if I buy a tool, I can not enjoy it with everyday.
I want to know how to enjoy Japanese tea ceremony ‘s green tea matcha casually like tea or coffee.

Learning from casual Japanese tea ceremonies makes it fun, easy and enjoyable.

Hello, I’m Mika Fukushima.
I started studing Japanese tea ceremony began at the age of 13.
My mother also play it.I am taking over the tools of hers.
Since I was a student, I started to request my friends “We want to feel more familiar with the tea ceremony! We want you to do such a casual tea party”.
I have a casual tea ceremony at a share house with friends, or have invited a newly married abroad to do hospitality.
Currently I do seminars and tea ceremonies at universities and companies as a “casual tea ceremony”, and I also write a column at the request of companies.
Through Japanese tea ceremony, usual daily life is more fun and rich!
I am telling you with such a thought.
Thank you very much.

It can be fun because thoroughly close-up content to beginners:Unique program

Characteristics of Casual Japanese Tea Ceremony


Under the original idea, “casual tea ceremony” created

Enjoy with minimal items!It is easy to enjoy even without the Tea Room.


Your field of vision spreads!

By knowing the meaning and history of the manners,You can understand more deeply.

drink tea

Zen heart that also serves daily life and your life

Enrich your spirit and mind.You can act not only for coffee and tea, but also Matcha for family,friends,etc.


Seminars and Party for beginners

This Japanese casual tea ceremony is different from ordinary tea ceremony.
This is perfect for beginners and those who are new to tea ceremony.
It is the main thing that participants enjoy and experience through learning the foundation of the tea ceremony and experiencing actually teaing.

Introduction of tools

In fact, the question that I receive the most in consultation is actually ‘tea ceremony’.
“I have wanted to do a tea ceremony”” I have never done it, but I got interested in getting” a lot of voices.

I will introduce the tools of Japanese tea ceremony.

Information that makes fun every day

drink tea
I will inform you through the history and knowledge of Japanese tea ceremony the know-how that is useful now for modern times.
For example,workshop of Zen Phrases.
Beginners can also teach you”10 seconds unique gymnastics” which can easily make a bowl of tea.