【Report】Special Tea Ceremony Program for World-Class Professional Soccer Player Tatsuru UradaDecember 28, 2023

Actually, Mr. Itsuki Urata has been following my social networking site about Zen and tea ceremony in English for a long time. (@Itsuki Urata)
We are from the same city, Edogawa-ku, and our birthdays are in the same month, January…!
He contacted us just in time for his return to Japan and we held a special tea ceremony program.
As he has been active in Brazil, Croatia, and Slovenia, he said, “As a Japanese person, I can tell more about Japan.
He decided to take this program because he wanted to become a person who can tell more about Japan as a Japanese person.
The goal of the special program is for beginners to learn about Japan through tea ceremony and Japanese culture, and to be able to communicate to others as a Japanese person who is active overseas, and also to be able to entertain people with tea ceremony. Therefore,
(1) Learn by connecting your own wisdom and experience with the knowledge of the tea ceremony.
(2) Feel familiar with the tea ceremony and gain hints for daily life and how to live.
3) Acquire techniques to offer the tea ceremony to others.
◼ Reaffirm your identity as a Japanese through the tea ceremony and Japanese culture
◼ Acquire techniques to be able to offer the Japanese tea ceremony to your guests from that day on
◼ Become a person who can speak confidently to people from other countries! Deepen your understanding of the history of the tea ceremony and Japanese culture and be able to verbalize it.
◼ Learn about Japanese culture and history that will make people from overseas say “I see! ◼ Acquire perspectives to communicate about Japanese culture and history through the tea ceremony that will make people overseas think, “I see!
◼ To feel familiar with the tea ceremony and Japanese culture, which are often thought to be difficult to learn, and to acquire methods to continue learning after the course.
It was exactly what I wanted to know” and “It was a meaningful time! I was very happy to hear that you said, “This is exactly what I wanted to know,” and “It was a meaningful time!
I will spread the word!” during the actual tea making work after returning to Japan. I will spread the tea ceremony” after returning to my country.
From the interview stage, she immediately understood the essence of what we wanted to convey, and I thought it was amazing that she is a person active in the world.
I was impressed by his eagerness to learn and his frequent questions.
It was interesting to hear directly from him about the local situation and the popularity of Tabi socks among Japanese soccer players.
He also told us about some Western books on Japan that are popular there, which we will read!
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