Report: “Everyday Fun through Tea Ceremony! 3 Secrets to Make Your Dreams Come True!” online tea ceremony event

On Friday, October 23rd at 20:00, we held an online tea ceremony event at the request of the Urasenke Student Tea Ceremony Research Group!

Thanks to you, it’s a full house! Thanks for the fun!

In addition, the survey showed a 100% satisfaction rate (80% very satisfied and 20% satisfied).

Thank you so much for participation.

This time, many of the participants in the study group had already been doing the tea ceremony for years, and many of them loved it and were studying it.

Therefore, rather than explaining the contents of the tea ceremony, I focused on how I have developed the tea ceremony, how I have created the hospitality tea ceremony, and how we can make the tea ceremony more accessible to people.

Also, because of the impact of the new coronavirus, I have tried to make the program as easy as possible for the participants to interact with each other.

“There were times when I couldn’t do it, and it was hard for me, but after listening to this talk, I felt lighter and more confident to continue!”

“I was able to find out what hospitality tea ceremony is and how to teach it to new members and other beginners.

“It was great to see that the tea ceremony can be enjoyed in a more casual way.”

“In addition to the valuable talks, this year we were able to deepen our relationship in a way we hadn’t been able to before!”

“I was excited to hear that the hospitality tea ceremony can lead to international exchange and that more people can enjoy the tea ceremony.”

“It was exciting to hear about how hospitality tea ceremony can be used for international exchange and how many more people can enjoy tea ceremony.”

“It was great to be able to talk with the instructors and not just have a one-way conversation.”

“It was good that I was able to enjoy the tea ceremony in my own way and not in a conventional way! And I feel so confident!”

“I’m glad I was able to enjoy the interaction more than I expected.”

“It was a very interesting topic and I learned a lot. Thank you very much.”

“I would like to enjoy the tea more.”

“Thank you very much for your valuable talk today. It was very enlightening.
I’m in the process of recruiting new students, and there were times when I was worried about how I should explain to them about the tea ceremony club because some of them had an image that it was too difficult to join. But today’s talk was very helpful in many ways, so I’m glad I did!”

“It was very fresh and refreshing to hear this talk from a different perspective than the tea ceremony I have been engaged in. I would like to convey the hospitality tea ceremony that I have learned this time, so that people will be interested in the tea ceremony.”

“I would like to convey the hospitality tea ceremony to people who are interested in the tea ceremony to them.”

“I think it is important to enjoy the tea ceremony while doing it. Thanks to your help, I was able to listen to the lecture. I would like to participate again next time when I have time.”

“I spent a meaningful time listening to Ms. Fukushima’s valuable talk. I would like to participate in these online events again. Thank you for organizing this event, members of the Kansai Ura-Ken!

“It was more interesting than I expected.”

“Thank you for this opportunity. I usually start by learning the kata as a way to “break away from the law” and I felt that this was the absolute best way to learn the tea ceremony, otherwise the appeal of the tea ceremony would not be conveyed. However, I realized that the appeal of the tea ceremony can be conveyed to beginners and those who are genuinely interested in enjoying the tea ceremony, matcha and wagashi in a casual, simple and easy to understand manner. I feel like my mind has softened a bit. It made me think about what we need to do to pass on the tea ceremony as a part of Japanese culture.”

By the way, we provided each other with matcha and snacks at the social event!

(*This is a photo sent to us by a staff member!)

Best of all, we want you to enjoy your participation!

It was a lovely day, and I hope I can add more opportunities like this to the event!

Hospitality Tea Ceremony teaches you the secret to making matcha easily and happily for everyone, from day one!

Hospitality Tea Ceremony is an informal tea ceremony that is useful in our daily lives and provides an easy way to enjoy the tea ceremony and an introduction to the culture and history of the tea ceremony.

We will show you how to enjoy the tea ceremony in a simple and easy way, and how to incorporate knowledge of the culture and history of the tea ceremony into your daily life.

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