February:japanese tea party at Ginza Kabukiza

Friday, February 21: Ginza, Tokyo

for beginners! Fun! You can make friends who enjoy tea ceremony and Kabuki, and we hold a special tea party where you can be healed by delicious matcha and Japanese sweets!

“February Tea Ceremony at Kabukiza” at Kabuki-za Theater “Tea room Hinoki 1F”, where you can enjoy the performance of “Sugawara Michizane, the god of learning” and tea ceremony. This time, Japanese sweets based on the program are specially prepared by the craftsman! In addition to the experience service of making green tea, we also provide a gallery where you can experience the world of Kabuki more, earphone guide for beginners, and lunch box. This time, we will hold a special tea party that is popular among beginners and those who enjoy Japanese culture such as Kabuki and tea ceremony. We recommend you to make a reservation as soon as possible because the number of people is limited each day.

Event”All Japannese”

1 person: 22,800 yen (tax included)
First Class Kabuki Theater Program, Gallery Admission Ticket, Earphone Guide, Matcha Green Tea, Japanese Confectionery, Exchange Tea Party

・2020/1/21 (Fri) [Time] Start 9: 30 (Open 9: 20) ~ 10: 30 → [program] 11: 00 ~ Approx. 16: 00

<special privilege>

Enjoy Kabuki more! Story and Japanese sweets related to the program

It is a tea ceremony event that even beginners can enjoy with the aim of making the traditional art of “Kabuki” more familiar and enjoyable.
In addition, the concept of the first tea ceremony, which should be commemorated, is to provide stories and designs of Japanese sweets related to the program “Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami”.
It is designed so that those who have never seen Kabuki or have no experience of tea ceremony can enjoy it more!
Also, before you watch Kabuki, you can use chairs and tables in the cypress cafe on the first floor of Kabuki-za.

No kneeling, no kimono, no worries even for beginners! Make friends and expand the world!

The contents are planned as follows.
Points to enjoy the program more
・The Relationship between Tea Ceremony and Kabuki and Its Common Features
・Communicating with the concept of the tea ceremony and Zen “Ichigo Ichie”
・Brief explanation of tea ceremony and introduction of Kabukiza-related sweets
・The experience of making matcha by yourself
*The instructor will tell you the points in an easy-to-understand manner, and also the meaning of the procedures and manners.
At the tea ceremony, participants can enjoy a small social gathering.

After learning the key points at the tea ceremony, you can enjoy the program as it is!

At the tea ceremony, you can learn the points where you can enjoy the program you watch after that.
We also have earphone guides that even beginners can enjoy without worries. And we have first-class seats for all of you.
Please take this opportunity to find friends of Japanese culture such as Kabuki and tea ceremony and enjoy together.
If you make friends at the tea party, you can have tea after the performance and enjoy your impressions and shopping with each other!


[Name] February tea party at Kabukiza
*Beginners are welcome to participate without wearing a kimono and sitting on their heels. Feel free to come empty-handed.
[date of the event] Friday, February 21
[Opening Hours] 9 : 30 ~ 10 : 30 (Reception: 9: 20 ~)
[venue] Tea room Hinoki on the 1st floor of Kabuki-za Theater (Kabukiza 1F, 4 -12 -15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104 – 0061)
[nearest station] Direct access from Exit 3 of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line/Toei Asakusa Line “Higashi-Ginza Station”. It is a 5 minute walk from exit A7 of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line and Hibiya Line “Ginza Station”.



[Outline of the Implementation], the relationship between the tea ceremony and Kabuki and its common points, the tea ceremony with Kabuki actors, how to make easy powdered green tea, knowledge about the program, etc.
[Contents] First-class tickets for the afternoon show, gallery admission tickets, lunch box, earphone guide, special set of matcha and Japanese sweets
[How to Participate] Application form
[participation fee] 22,800 yen (tax included)