[Future]Measures to prevent the spread of infection by new coronaviruses

In response to the government’s request, we have decided to change some of the activities of the “Hospitality tea ceremony” in order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.

In the past, we have regularly held tea ceremonies where people can gather and enjoy themselves in real places. And we prepared for the future plan.

However, the best way to enjoy anything is to be physically and mentally healthy, safe and secure. Therefore, we will limit such realistic activities until this situation is resolved.

Really sorry to those who looked forward to it and those who brought the project. We would like to make a plan again when this situation calms down.

And We would like to think deeply about what we can do and focus on activities on the web. We have been providing information on the web, but we would like to brush up on this and propose a tea ceremony that can be enjoyed easily at home.

Thank you for reading.