Why I am teaching the tea ceremony and Zen

The reason I try so hard to verbalize the invisible as much as possible, such as Zen and tea ceremony teachings, is that the way we feel differs from person to person.

And I came to think this way especially because I myself went to art college, went to art graduate school, and was in the art world.

I believe that “feeling” is important in art, but there are other elements that we also find value in.

Language is a tool that connects people and culture

Naturally, language is also a tool that connects people and culture.

Languages differ because of their cultural backgrounds.

It can create differences, but it can also create “sameness” in essence.

This is because concepts such as love and happiness are recognized by almost the entire human race.

You may think that I am suddenly referring to a big concept. But grasping this fundamental concept will create more mutual understanding.

People, fundamentally, are the same.

People want to be happy and love themselves.

This principle is the same. Whether its form is happy or violent.

The form changes, i.e., different backgrounds, different cultures.

However, if the recipient is different, the way to convey the message must also be different to convey the feelings. That is why I pursue clarity, verbalize, and communicate.

Changing “I don’t have to say it” to “I dare to say it.

The ideal is to “understand without saying. And it is wonderful that they “get it.

But because not everyone does, it is recommended to verbalize as much as possible.

Which words you use at what time, depends on which person you are talking to, and on the situation. I think it is also important to properly understand and choose the right one.

By carefully using language, you will be able to understand more about the other person, and differences will become clearer, leading to better communication.

Add the background and reason for using that language as well.

If possible, also verbalize why you want to communicate it.

If you want to invite someone, add, “Because I want you to come.

If you care about someone, dare to say in advance, “Because you are important.

If you’ve been hurt by someone, minimize the trouble by dodging it well.

If you don’t want to hurt someone, choose your words in a way that makes the situation more comfortable by taking care not to hurt them.

Tools can be both friend and foe, so always look over your shoulder and make adjustments while keeping an eye on the whole situation.

Just being aware of this makes life much easier. Because the more control a person has over his or her life, the more stress is inversely proportional to the amount of control he or she has, and there is no need to make unnecessary enemies.

Hints for better survival can be found in the tea ceremony and Zen teachings.



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