Report:Enjoy Autumn in Japan! Casual tea ceremony experience for beginners in September

I held a casual tea ceremony party in Shinjuku-ku in September!

THANKS TO YOU, THIS IS FULL! Thank you for the fun time!

This theme is to respect for the fruitful autumn and ancestors!

Autumn Equinox Day is called Shu-bun-no-hi in Japan.

Autumn Equinox Day is the national holiday that occurs around September 23rd.

In my tea ceremony event is held in relation to the season and Japanese culture.

In particular, Japanese tea ceremony culture incorporates the teachings of ancestors, Shinto and Zen.

“harmony、respect、purity and tranquility; the four most important elements of the tea ceremony”, and the way to make tea as well as the manner and its meaning.

Manners also have a historical and cultural background to the way of thinking and manners unique to Japan.

I told the participants such things.

Here are some comments from everyone.

“It was really fun not only to drink tea but to touch the inside!”

“When I was a student, I learned a little in the class of manners. But now that I’m an adult, I wanted to know more. It was really good!”

“I want to participate again next time! I’m looking forward to it! Please let me know again!”

and so on. Thank you very much for your delightful comments!

I am also welcoming customers from Chile, Germany and China!

I have an experience of making tea for everyone.

There are 2 kinds of sweets this time!

*I order special autumn fresh sweets that are handmade one by one by artisans.

->Traditional Japanese confectionery limited to September.

(The leaves of early autumn, Chinese bellflower, spilled bush clover, young chestnut, princess chrysanthemum, and plant Murasaki Shikibu.)

・Dried sweets “Limited to 2019 reiwa era no.1” ordered from Kyoto

I ordered our tea from Uji, Kyoto.

“It doesn’t have much bitterness and the sweetness goes well with it so it’s easy to drink!” is popular! I’m very happy.

In my original tea ceremony program, anyone can tell you the secret of making Matcha from the day easily and happily!

This is a way to enjoy matcha easily as “The familiar tea ceremony that is useful in modern daily life”.; From the culture and history of Japanese tea ceremony, we introduce the knowledge that is easy to incorporate into daily life.

This makes the tea ceremony more casual and enjoyable every day.

You will be able to have more fun every day through Japanese tea ceremony!