Report:Enjoy Beautiful Japanese autumn! Casual tea ceremony experience for beginners in November

The other day, I went around Rikugien Gardens, which is famous in Tokyo, and held a small tour to experience matcha and Japanese sweets of tea ceremony.

Thank you all for joining us!

You can feel the importance of the season of tea ceremony and spend a relaxing time.

Rikugien is a historical municipal garden, and you can enjoy a nice atmosphere in Tokyo.

There were many tourists from overseas, and there were also people from Chile in this tour! Thank you.

Also, at the best time to see cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, you can enjoy light up at night to bring out their charm.

It was really nice! After going around half way, you can experience it at a tea house called Fukiage Chaya!

Matcha and seasonal sweets set seems to be a popular menu.

There seem to be about 3 kinds of Japanese sweets, but you can’t miss which one you can get at random!

We had a relaxing and soothing time!

During do tea ceremony, you can get away from the usual busyness and haste and have a time for healing!