Zen is effective for marriage and love

“I want to have a wonderful relationship with my ideal lover.”

“I want to get married, but I can’t.”

“I want to have a good marriage with my wife and husband!”

Especially when it comes to love and marriage, there are things you can’t do by yourself.

You often worry that you don’t know what to do because you have someone.

However, the key may be to change your way of thinking, thinking, and seeing.

In the teaching of tea ceremony and Zen, “self” is the core of everything.

“leave someone out of control” “be open to the outside world” “ask oneself a question” and “answer within oneself”.

It’s easy to put into words, but here’s how to do it.

It’s faster to change yourself than to change your partner!

“If that person becomes like this” ”If he behaves like that” ”If she did it this way,”

People tend to expect things from others. Why?

It’s “Because I want to be cherished.”. In that case, why don’t you take care of yourself first?

Focus on your hobbies and enjoy yourself.

In order to enrich everyday life, I use what I like everyday.

I eat my favorite food without restraint.

It may seem like a trivial thing, but think of it as a savings to take care of yourself.

If you entertain yourself, cherish them, and are always in a good mood, you’ll look more attractive.

When we neglect ourselves, we tend to seek rewards.

Then, it will be hard for you.

Please try to have a happy time with a smile every day.

One’s behavior is neither good nor bad

“not get a response from someone one likes”

“be moved from joy to sorrow by each other’s actions”

“If I were you, I wouldn’t behave like this. I’m not satisfied.”

People tend to look at what’s happening and make their own decisions about “Good” and “bad”.

It’s easy to understand why people feel uneasy or suspicious because their feelings are invisible and subject to change.

However, only the other person can understand their true feelings.

You can’t control it, you can’t make it visible.

Then, what you can do is to control your feelings.

For example, try to be as calm as possible and start a hobby to avoid thinking too much about your partner.

As you often hear, “Rather than desperately wanting a lover, I was able to do it in a flash when I was in a light mood!”
After controlling your own feelings.

In particular, let’s get rid of the idea that “I can’t go without him!” or “I can’t be happy without him!”.

It’s great to have a good relationship with a particular person, but you’re not unhappy without that person.

There is no right answer to everything, and happiness is something you can create for yourself, not for others.

You are attractive because you are who you are.

A common story about love is “be liked by someone who one doesn’t think is attractive”.

If this is liked by the other person and you like it, it will be happy both ways.

However, it is also the fun of humans that it doesn’t happen for some reason.

How do you behave when you think you’re attractive?

Most people are probably trying to make themselves look better or to dress up.

In other words, they show more falsehood than they usually do.

But you don’t have to fake it or dress it up when you don’t think it’s that attractive.

Then, the other person can relax as he is naturally in his usual self.

People who are attracted to it will like you.

As science has shown, when you fall in love, your brain is not in a normal state and your judgment is impaired.

Just know that “Oh, yeah.” and try to be as good as you can.

Try to be honest with yourself, for example, by having your own opinion or not pandering to others.

It is very important to convey your feelings and opinions to others, not to be selfish.

Write down the pros and cons that you are usually unaware of

Unexpectedly, the blind spot is about the merits and demerits that you think casually in your mind.

For example, “I want to get married! ”  have a woman who thinks that.

She was very active in getting married, and even a man once proposed to her.

But she won’t get married. Of course, timing is important, but it can also be related to own assumptions.

For example, She think “when I get married, I have to be feminine every day. I feel like I have to get married because there are more married friends around me.

When I get married, I have to do unpleasant housework, and when I get married, lose freedom.

Marriage is a seemingly positive keyword, but there are many things that can be considered negative.

Everything has a back and a front, a light and a shadow, and when you get something, you lose something.

Still, I want to get it! That’s why people move and judge.

Like love, when you have a lover, you spend more time with your lover, but in other words, you don’t have enough time.

Some people who can state clearly that they don’t want to get married or have a lover.

In this way, you should be honest with yourself in a calm place and write it down. There may be new discoveries.

If it was negative and I really hated it! If you find something like this:.

For example, how can you solve it and think of a solution, or maybe it’s just an assumption? You should doubt that.

Surprisingly, the benefits you want to get are more than the ones you don’t care about or solve.

People feel uneasy about things they don’t know or don’t know because they are vague, and they amplify them.

In fact, it can be easily solved by clarifying the pros and cons and dealing with them one by one.

If it remains vague, the demerits will add anxiety and you will be unable to move.

It is easier to find a solution to the problem if you objectively clarify the concept of “yourself” in words.

You don’t have partner to be happy, but You want to be happier if You become happy! You’ll meet someone who thinks that.



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