Tips for drinking Matcha deliciously and effectively body

Sweets are eaten before Matcha in Japanese tea ceremony

There are three reasons for this.

*This is to keep matcha from getting in your stomach when you are hungry.

Matcha is good for your health, but it sometimes stimulates your stomach when you are hungry.

So, you can relax by eating Japanese sweets first.

*Matcha is the main ingredient, so sweets plays a supporting role.

If you feel the sweetness first in order to enjoy Matcha, the taste becomes deeper.

*For smooth tea gathering etc.

You can enjoy Japanese sweets while eating it deliciously, and drink up all the freshly made matcha.

With this procedure, the tea ceremony will be smoother and you will be able to enjoy the most delicious Japanese sweets and matcha.

While it’s fresh, it’s important.Please have a good tea time with seasonal Japanese sweets.

Let’s spend a meaningful day drinking matcha.

In Japanese proverbs, there is a good proverb about drinking tea.

Examples include “A cup of morning tea keeps the trouble away.” “Morning tea brings good fortune.” and so on.

Drinking tea from the morning is said to wake you up and have a moderate relaxing effect, so you can spend a healthy day.

Many people say that they wake up by drinking coffee or tea in the morning, but I recommend Matcha which is more effective for the body.

Matcha is good at night too, but if you drink too much, you will take too much caffeine and it may disturb your sleep.

I hope your every day is healthy, fun and rich.



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