How to use Zen to solve financial problems

People’s worries can be classified to some extent. Health, money, relationships, work, complex, love and marriage, environment, and values.

People seem to think that they are happy when their mind, body and economy are in a healthy balance.

Certainly, a healthy, comfortable, and affluent situation with no worries is peaceful and fulfilling.

But if you lose one of your mind, body, or economy, you don’t feel happy no matter how great the other is. Of these, what you can do immediately is “mind” care.

In tea ceremony and Zen, you can learn how to keep your mind healthy by assuming that you have an answer in yourself.

Is that really a bad thing? try to doubt

In the teaching of Zen there is a phrase: To distinguish right from wrong is difficult” .

This means that no matter what you do, no matter who you are, you cannot decide whether you are good or bad.

For example, if you are in debt, have an inferiority complex, or are a gambler, you can be positive.

If you can borrow money, you’ll get that much credit, and if you can’t, you’ll be motivated to make the most of your money.

If your body has an inferiority complex, you can understand people’s pain and sadness, and it can trigger your efforts to improve.

If you love gambling, you’re spinning the economy.

The idea of “Don’t do this!” is basically a reflection of the way people think and determines whether things are good or bad.

One time you doubt if this is really bad, you’ll feel a little better.

Don’t you think that you are doing something bad and you are not good?

“I can’t be in this situation now, so I’m a bad person! “Some people may think that.

“I’m in debt, so I’m a hopeless case!”

“I have a complex about my body, so people don’t love me!”

“I love gambling, so I can’t get married, and I can’t have a stable and peaceful family. I’m a hopeless person!”

This kind of self-restraint is called “untied self” .

Then, my heart and feelings become more and more painful.

First of all, change your way of thinking so that your mind and feelings become calm.

Let’s bring back a calm mind.

There are words like “all things are created by the mind alone” .

This means that your mind is creating the phenomena around you.

In other words, if you’re worried, you’re creating it.

For example, you need to analyze why you’re worried about debt.

There are many people who don’t worry about borrowing money. Why you worry is important.

Maybe I was so lonely that I treated many people.

I shop a lot because I want to be called “You’re always beautiful.” by many people.

In this case, it starts with “a feeling of loneliness” or “the condition of being compared to others”.

As long as you don’t get rid of that feeling, it will be easier for you to continue borrowing money.

You’re probably doing it because you want to, rather than because you really don’t want to.

“I don’t want to do it, but I am doing it.” makes it easy to lead to worries.

It is necessary to understand why people with a complex about their body have such a complex.

They may say that they don’t think they are beautiful compared to others, so they want to wear cool clothes.

Again, it’s “feel bad because one feels inferior” compared to someone or something.

In this case, too, you think “a person who is inferior to others” is a bad idea.

No one is perfect.

Surprisingly, what you have an inferiority complex about may be trivial for people around you, or conversely, you may be attracted to it.

By all means, please know that you have something wonderful about yourself and that you won’t be unhappy just because you have an inferiority complex.

It’s easier to find the right solution if you calm down.

If you keep clinging to your worries, you may not be able to judge calmly.

I sometimes start to think “The problem may be solved soon.”.

But find out what’s behind your troubles calmly.

For example, analyze what you like about gambling.

But if you can’t find something to do, it’s a good idea to find other hobbies.

If you want to use your excitement when you win or your frustration when you lose as a springboard, you can use it to your work.

If your current job doesn’t allow you to do that, you can consider switching to another job that will give you that feeling.

Organizing your thoughts and feelings in this way makes it easier for you to find what you wanted or thought was missing.

Replacing it with something else or looking at it from a different point of view makes it easier to link the problem to a solution.

Please try it.



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