If you want to change people, let’s do this Zen thing

The tea ceremony is a culture linked to the teachings of Zen, or “chazen ichimi” (tea, Zen, and flavor). For this reason, Zen teachings and Zen words are also emphasized in the tea ceremony.

The easiest thing to do is “change yourself.”

The saying goes, “You can’t change people and the past; you can only change the future and yourself.

There is also a Zen saying that goes something like this, “Anzen wa kanashimasu sansui wo motsui” (安禪不必須山水).

The meaning is not that you need a quiet place to spend time in peace and quiet. It is possible to be mindless no matter what the environment and surroundings are like.

That is exactly what it means.

No matter how hard and painful it may seem to those around you, if you don’t think of your efforts as efforts, and if you are enjoying yourself and being enthusiastic, it is hard to call it hard work.

However, no matter how sparkling and happy the person looks to those around him or her, if he or she is actually suffering, it can be called a hardship.

Because your heart is important, so is the heart of the other person

People’s minds, words, and actions are not easily changed.

That is why it is worth trying to change your approach to others.

At that time, it is said that people are more likely to act.

It is said that people are more likely to take action if you “present the benefits”. In this case, it is said that people are more likely to take action.
Loss aversion” is a way of saying, “You will lose money if you do it this way! This is called “loss avoidance.

This is called “loss avoidance. If you know this, it is easier to have a good conversation.

And people are creatures that want to be valued. If you understand and utilize this essence, human relations will go smoothly.




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