Learn from Zen! Secret of meeting someone’s destiny

Japanese tea ceremony is the act of making tea and entertaining guests in keeping with Japanese traditional style.

It’s a kind of ritual, and it requires a lot of practice, tools, and special places to do it. For example, they wear Kimono or need a tea room or tea utensils.

In addition, knowledge and preparation are required not only for the host but also for the customer. It is a special tea culture that tea parties cannot be established together without mutual knowledge.

And Japanese tea ceremony basically doesn’t talk. We communicate in manners. Even if you speak, there is a form.

For example, someone who is the representative of the customer side can talk to the organizer. There is an order to speak, and there are detailed rules. Since it is such a tea ceremony, I want to do it! In this case, practice is the primary focus.

First of all, you need to practice a lot, otherwise you can’t have a tea party. And you can’t entertain the other person. If you want to learn tea ceremony, you often go to a tea ceremony class and practice a lot.

The essence of such a tea ceremony is the same as Zen.

For example, one of the concepts of tea ceremony and Zen is “Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Once-in-a-lifetime experience”. This means that meeting with everyone is important.

It’s like a metaphor of being so precious that you can meet only once in your life.

In the case of many Japanese education, it is generally known as a four-character idiom, but it is said to be derived from the idea of the tea ceremony.

This is because there is no tea ceremony like this twice, and it is very precious to meet people at Japanese tea ceremony.

You may not experience this “Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Once-in-a-lifetime experience” in your daily life.

But for example, when you meet a new person, or when you want to do something with someone for some reason, you should look at it this way.

“Maybe I have something to do with him.”. Even if they are of the same sex or of the opposite sex. It’s not that you expect something from them, but maybe you have new discoveries or things in common.

Because, in any case, meeting people is fun, and anything you do is there.

In fact, the other meaning of this is to treat others with care.

If you think each encounter is special, you value the other person, don’t you? If you do that, you won’t have a bad attitude and you will naturally smile.

If you treat each other with respect, you can have a good time with each other. That’s right, feelings are expressed in actions.

The feelings you care about are reflected in the actions you care about others, and that leads to good things for both of us later on. That way of thinking has been handed down in Japan.

Even the days that pass and the encounters with people change a little, and the world changes completely. If you value of tea ceremony, you will expand your world.



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