Zen is a tool to make your dreams come true.

“I want to make my dream come true and live a free life like that in the future!”
“Admire that man ~ I also want to be like that!”
“Someday I want to be like this and spend time as I like!”

Have you ever had a wish like this?

“In my opinion, there is a gap, but I envy it.”
“I hope my efforts will be rewarded and lead to good results. “
“It’s very ideal, but far from my situation.”

I will tell you the secret to achieving your dream, with Zen teachings.

Tea ceremony is considered to be essentially the same as Zen.

Have you ever heard the word “Everything is regarded as relative.All is vanity.”? In short, this is “Everything, nothing.”.

It’s a bit difficult, but it expresses the essence of things. I will tell you how to do it with more concrete examples.

Not judge by what is visible

If you get that situation, or something that shows that situation, you’ll be happy!

If I have a good title and get good grades at a good school, my life is perfect!

I will be satisfied if others think I am a good person and my family praise me!

Don’t you think like this and make your present wish?

That’s what I think.But the secret to making your dream come true is that it’s difficult to start from there.

Want it from “No”, but no matter how long it takes, “No”

If your dream is “shortage” and you think, “want” there are points to be aware of.

“I am unhappy because I am not rich. So now I am unhappy.”

“I’m not beautiful, so I won’t be loved. Therefore, I am unloved and unhappy now.”

“I fail in life because I don’t do well at a good school. So it’s a life of failure.”

If you are not considered a good person by your family and friends, you will be disliked. If you are disliked, you will become unhappy because you have no place to go.

In these cases, you’re thinking, “Now unhappy, not loved, hated, failed in life”.

Dreams come true when the gap between your aspirations and ideals and reality is filled.

If you keep looking at your aspirations and ideals with a gap in your consciousness, it will only get harder.

You don’t have to say “Yes” because you already have it.

So I want you to change your mind a little.

“I feel happy now. So you can be rich. I’m sure.”

“I feel satisfied now. So you can be beautiful to someone. It must be.”

“I am enjoying life. So you don’t have to force yourself to get good grades at a good school. You will naturally want to study something independently.”

“I am always loved. So you don’t have to worry about what your family and the people around you think. No matter what they say, they just worry about me.”

When you think in this way, you are on the line of ideals and desires in your mind.

What’s more, when you change your way of thinking and consciousness, your behavior changes.

If you want to be rich, you might want to study for the rich.

If you think she’s beautiful, you might collect beauty information and challenge her.

By acting in this way, your ideals and wishes come true.

Reality is already important for “Yes”!

Feeling fulfilled, loved, in your hand, and having fun amplifies it even more.

That’s why a happy mood carries events, things, and people that make you happy.

It can be your “Going to Hawaii for 2 weeks”
or “You can get a ticket at a good seat at a live concert of your favorite famous artist.”
Or “the condition of being loved by the opposite sex and having a happy marriage”.

So how do you get it?

That’s what makes me feel the realism of “Yes” already.

The important thing for the senses is to “Yes” everything now.

If you want to achieve “emigration to one’s dream country”.

“move to one’s dream country” What kind of experiences do you have and how do you feel about it?

How do you like shopping there?

If it is already decided, they may check the information magazines of the country.

They may be walking in their favorite clothes in a beautiful place.

In this way, let’s see how you feel as if you were experiencing it.

Before you know it, you will be able to realize that “move to one’s dream country”.

Easy way to do it in a world where information is readily available.

We are now in a situation where we can easily obtain huge amounts of information on the Internet.

With a little searching, you can find all kinds of information, whether it’s video, images, or text.

That’s why you should search for your ideals and desires on the internet.

Use it to choose what makes you happier.Your life will surely become richer.



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