Learn Zen through cleaning up and tidy up

Cleanliness and cleaning are very important in tea ceremony and Zen.

For example, a teahouse has only the minimum required and is calculated so that you can enjoy green tea most deliciously.

Of course, we also want our important customers to have a comfortable time.

In addition, there are some temples which adopt it as a practice to remove mental muck.

In other words, we prioritize, and then we value cleanliness and cleaning by being rational.

Removing clutter makes it easier to find what you need

If there is something unnecessary, it takes time to find out what is necessary.

If I had that time, I might have spent more time on other things.

Also, the word “waste” is a great way to think, but on the other hand, you can say something like this.

I am obsessed with the past and anxious about the future.

For example, the fact that those clothes were too expensive to throw away is an obsession with the past.

If you dig deeper, you may not be able to buy such expensive clothes by yourself in the future.

I had a wonderful time at that time, and I want to keep it as a symbol of that, because I may not have more time in the future.

When we focus our attention on events in the past and on the future that we don’t know what to expect, we neglect our “as of now”.

The future is made up of “as of now” which build up and connect.

That’s why “as of now” is the happiest! Don’t think too much about the past and the future.

If you keep it clean, you can live a healthy life.

After all, cleanliness is very important.

If you spend time in a dirty place like a garbage dump, you are likely to get sick.

If you do that, you will not pay attention to the details of your daily life, and you will not value yourself more and more.

In English, people who live in a garbage mansion are also called “self-neglect”.

What this means is that you are abusing yourself.

It is very sad to abuse by yourself.

If it’s difficult, you can ask for help.

You can take a step, so please be aware of the cleanliness.

Cleaning is also called mental cleaning.

Cleaned up, and put things in order, and now you feel refreshed! It felt good! There are many people who have the experience that.

Scientists have found that cleaning and clearing up can make your brain feel better.

It seems to have various reasons and effects.

For example, the more you clean, the more you see the effect, which makes you happy, and the more you make your own decisions, the better your brain will be.

If you’re not organized in your brain, you may feel anxious or worried too much.

Especially, it’s no use worrying about something you can’t do by yourself.

Cleaning up your mind also helps you organize your thoughts and feelings.

If you’re in trouble, it’s a good idea to clean and tidy up.

Effect of mental cleaning

In addition, I recommend you to clean your mind about the thoughts and beliefs you want to give up.

People create events of what they believe to be, what they take for granted.

To put it another way, you should recognize what you have decided about yourself as your own experience.

For example, a person named A thinks, “be often blamed by others”.

One day,her colleague,  C blamed her. Then, A thought, “And I was blamed!”.

“I was blamed again, I was blamed when I was young, I was blamed, I am bad, and I have no value. And it gets more and more negative.”

And there are feelings of sadness and regret for being blamed.

“This leads to the idea that I am hurt, that my value is low, and that it is hard to live.”

B think  “No matter what anyone says to me, I won’t get hurt unless I understand.”.

One day, her colleague, C blamed her. Then, B think “Oh, she said something.”.

But as long as she don’t accept the blame, she is not at fault.

Also, if she are convinced and feel that she are wrong, she simply think that there was a mistake in her behavior and reflect on it.

“I never blame myself there.”

However, at that time, there was a mistake in one of thoughts, and that behavior was inappropriate at that time.

Then, it’s just a part of daily life that there was such an event.

You just have to be careful not to have the same thing happen again.

How do you like it?

Even if a similar event occurs, people around them and their daily lives will change just because they have different ways of thinking and thinking.

People can always change by facing themselves and organizing their thoughts and feelings.

If you change yourself, your life changes.

Let’s make good use of the Zen of tea ceremony and have a wonderful and fun day.



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