Tanabata project: Experience making Japanese sweets in front of your eyes by the craftsman and enjoying matcha green tea

On July 7, on Tanabata, I had the craftsman make Japanese sweets in front of me, and I planned an experience to eat Matcha!

tea ceremony

There are also participants from Chile and France! The shop is Tsuruya Yoshinobu from Coredo Muromachi in Mitsukoshimae!

tea ceremony

We are fascinated by the Japanese sweets that are unique to Tanabata and beautifully made in front of our.

tea ceremony

Wagashi also changes depending on the period and season, so We would like to visit there regularly.

Also,We can choose either warm or cold in summer.

tea ceremony

I received such comments!

*It was a valuable experience that I couldn’t do by myself! I want to go again!

*It is very interesting to learn Japanese culture. The seasonal Japanese sweets were also delicious!

*It’s nice that the artisan makes Japanese sweets in front of us. It was fun!

and so on.

I’m thinking about this kind of experience project again!