Report :@ Shinjuku May 19: Beginners can make tea by themselves! A casual tea party that can be enjoyed easily

Report :@ Shinjuku May 19: Beginners can make tea by themselves! A casual tea party that can be enjoyed easily

Hello, I’m Mika Fukushima.

Even beginners can enjoy tea ceremony casually!

I held a small tea party of casual tea ceremony in Shinjuku on Sunday, May 19! Thanks to everyone!

Thank you for the wonderful time! I held it because I wanted to plan a casual tea ceremony experience for beginners.

As there was a foreigner this time, I chose a place without straight sitting while keeping the Japanese atmosphere.

I have prepared 2 kinds of sweets, omogashi(fresh Japanese confectionery) and higashi(dried Japanese confectionery).

The omogashi(fresh Japanese confectionery) are the famous original strawberry bean daifuku.

The higashi(dried Japanese confectionery). is based on the theme of “Make friends with everyone.” which is the theme of this event.

I chose the boat because I wanted to go across the sea and across the border and have a good time.

I ordered tea from Uji in Kyoto.

Casual tea ceremony experience for beginners First of all, I explained the concept of this tea ceremony experience session, the reason why I chose sweets, and tips for making tea well!

This time, both Japanese and non-Japanese participated, so I explained in both English and Japanese.

Some of the participants were so happy!

・ It was fun! It was valuable because I had never experienced making Matcha by myself. I’ll try it myself.

・ I wanted to learn more about tea ceremony. Also, I will invite my friends, so please plan it! I also suggest this.

・ It was good to learn about Japanese culture and Japanese way of thinking. I had a great time! It was wonderful that they were particular about sweets and space. I learned a lot by answering any questions in an easy-to-understand way. Tea ceremony is profound. I want to know more, so I will prepare a tea room next time!

・ I made friends! I was very happy. I would like to go to Mika-san’s event where I can enjoy Japanese atmosphere next time.

I’m really happy about such things.

Thank you for your help and support! Casual tea ceremony experience for beginners Casual tea ceremony is a “Familiar tea ceremony useful for modern daily life” where you can learn how to enjoy matcha easily, the tea ceremony culture, and the knowledge that can be easily incorporated into your daily life from the perspective of history.

This makes the tea ceremony more casual and enjoyable every day.

Enjoy and enrich everyday life through tea ceremony! That’s what I’m telling you.

I hope it will be a little fun and useful.

By understanding the important meaning of the tea ceremony etiquette, you can have a pleasant time with consideration for your partner even in daily life.