5 reasons to drink matcha in the morning.

There is an old saying about drinking tea in the morning.

“Morning tea escapes  bad things in theday.” “Morning tea brings good luck.” “Drink tea in the morning.” etc.

Historically, it has been said that MINAMOTO NO SANETOMO, the third Shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate, had a cup of matcha when he had a hangover and immediately recovered.

In fact, tea leaves can be taken into the body as they are rather than other teas.

This makes it easy to take in nutrients efficiently even on busy mornings.

Matcha contains many ingredients in a good balance.

For example, caffeine, vitamins, minerals, protein, catechins, saponins, and so on.

Matcha makes your body energetic and makes your day’s start clear.

I want to recommend it in the morning! I will introduce the effect.

1:Matcha has bitterness to refresh your brain!

Many people drink coffee or tea to wake up in the morning.

The reason why it’s good for waking up is the effect of caffeine.

Caffeine is also contained in Matcha, which improves blood flow and improves blood circulation in the body.

It leads your brain and body to “All right! I’m gonna wake up!” when you wake up.

In addition to caffeine, there is also theanine, which grows seratonin, so it increases concentration.

Seratonin is said to be effective for dementia as it prevents aging of brain cells and increases activation of nerve cells, memory and concentration.

Some studies have shown that the continuous use of matcha has improved some of the cognitive functions of middle-aged people.

2:Relaxing effect even on busy mornings

Theanine has a relaxing effect and is sometimes used as a sleep inducer.

This ingredient activates the parasympathetic nervous system that heals and relaxes you, and suppresses the sympathetic nervous system that excites you.

It has a good balance and makes you feel calm.

This ingredient is said to be 10 times as much as green tea.

I want to calm down even a little bit in a busy morning! Recommended for cases.

In addition, it has been reported in clinical trials that theanine improves mental symptoms such as irritability, depression, and decreased concentration during PMS.

3:Improvement of constipation and fat burning effect

The ingredient called tannin is expected to have diet effect by promoting fat combustion.

Also, dietary fiber is contained in about 40% of powdered green tea, so it is recommended for constipation relief.

There are bad bacteria and good bacteria in the stomach.

By reducing the bad bacteria in the intestines and increasing the good bacteria, your stomach will be in good condition.

And the research results showed that matcha has the effect of increasing good bacteria and reducing bad bacteria.

For example, you can improve your condition by taking an appropriate amount of medicine for bad condition such as constipation or diarrhea.

In addition, catechin also has an antioxidant effect and prevents blood sugar level from rising.

Therefore, it is effective to prevent overeating with tea after meals.

4:Preventing colds and allergies

Matcha also has vitamins and tannins.

Tannins have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, for example, they can be used for seasonal allergies such as hay fever, as well as regular allergy countermeasures.

Vitamins have a moisturizing effect that keeps moisture in the skin, and can be expected to prevent blemishes and dullness.

This vitamin C has the effect of suppressing melanin pigment, so it is also recommended for those who want beautiful skin.

In addition, taking vitamin C together with catechin seems to be more effective.

Fortunately, vitamin C and catechin have antibacterial effect, so you can expect it to prevent cold and flu.


5:Breath odor and deodorant effect

Green tea contains chlorophyll, catechin and vitamin E.

These ingredients are deodorant, antibacterial, and cancer-prevention, and because they have fluorine, they make your teeth stronger.

What is the best amount of matcha?

Matcha has side effects, and if you drink too much, you won’t be able to sleep.

When severe, it can cause insomnia, headaches, irritability, dehydration, and tension.

Caffeine seems to be the main cause, so you should calculate the amount of caffeine in a day.

Therefore, I recommend you to take the appropriate amount of matcha per day as follows.

Up to 12 g in adult males and up to 9 g in adult females

Up to 6 g for pregnant women

Up to 2 g for adults

Drinking matcha in the morning makes your body and mind of today the best!

If you take too much caffeine with matcha at late hours, you may not be able to sleep at night.

Therefore, I drink matcha in the morning! It’s a good idea to get into the habit that.

By continuing to enjoy green tea, you can receive support that makes you healthy and beautiful.

It takes only five minutes, maybe just one dress, but how about it for your mind and body?



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