What is effective for Matcha

Matcha is very abundant in dietary fiber, and it is said that various ingredients are good for the body and beauty as well.

For example, some of the ingredients are introduced as follows: ·

Catechin: It has antioxidant effect, prevents influenza infection, prevents dental caries, reduces allergic symptoms, has diet effect. It also works to burn subcutaneous fat and built-in fat.

· Tannin: It is said to delay aging, prevent body oxidation, prevent bad breath.
It also acts as an enzyme that suppresses fat absorption and degrades fat.

· Saponin (It is said that you can ingest more effectively by drinking bubbles.): It is beautiful skin effect, making hair such as shiny. ·

Theanine (umami component): It has a relaxing effect to relieve tension by calming excitement by giving alpha wave. It is said that sleep quality improves.

· Vitamin C: It is four to seven times higher than citrus fruits, and there is power to make up against the stress.In addition, it has a bad breath prevention effect.

There are many effects and efficacy of Matcha.

Here, I introduce how to make delicious Matcha.

First of all it is necessary.

<Required items>
1: Warming water such as pots and kettles.

2: Tea bowl (Bowls are best for beginners)

3: Spoon (teaspoon is the best)

4: Matcha

5: Tea whisk (a tool to match green tea,whisk)

6: what you want to eat sweets 


With these, you can realize it immediately.

<Tips to make Matcha,delicious>
1: Amount of matcha about 1.5 g
2: The amount of hot water 60 cc
3: Hot water temperature 70 to 80 degrees
4: To pour hot water Like wrapping from the inside of the teacup
5: Conscious of your wrist,make a tea
6: Making bubbles within about 10 seconds

<3 steps that easily make a tea ★ casual tea ceremony original ★>
Matcha green tea beautifully! 10 seconds wrist exercises

※It has a gentle taste if there are a lot of bubbles.

1: Stretch out Easy-to-use your hand.
2: Support the opposite hand under the elbow.
3: Shake the wrist up and down quickly within 10 seconds.

To quickly shake this wrist up and down is the secret to make a delicious fine-grained bowl of matcha.Please, try it.

Matcha is very versatile! Pleasant effects and efficacy that were also used in medicine

Matcha contains a lot of nutrients and is said to be good for beauty and health.

First of all, you can take in almost the same nutrients of tea into your body depending on the production method of Matcha.

By doing so, your skin and hair will become beautiful, allergy will be alleviated, diet effect, and cavity prevention will be achieved.

People who have been practicing tea ceremony for a long time or who have a chance to drink tea tend to live a long healthy life.

Please feel free to use matcha even in summer.




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