The most important thing in tea ceremony

You can learn not only traditional Japanese tea ceremony but also manners, history and culture.

The goal of traditional tea ceremony classes is to hold tea gathering and to be invited to tea gathering. About 80% or more is the time for that training.

However, in modern society, it is rare to hold tea ceremony or to be invited.

Therefore, among the elements of Japanese tea ceremony, I would like to say that “make one’s life more enjoyable”.

Even if you have special experience and knowledge, if you don’t use it, it will be a waste of treasure.

That’s why I created my own “Hospitality tea ceremony” to simplify tea ceremony etiquette, valuing the culture, history, and spirituality of the tea ceremony itself. In particular, I value two things.

1: To enjoy making tea and being able to act on others easily

2: Use your tea ceremony knowledge to enjoy your life more and to enrich it.

(For example, the history of tea ceremony, the meaning of manners, ways of thinking, and unique values.)

This utilizes the traditional tea ceremony. Also, there are 3 points that you can get from Hospitality tea ceremony and traditional tea ceremony.

3 Points Obtained from Tea Ceremony

1: Hospitality to the other person, thoughtfulness

The specific rules of etiquette are designed to show a rational, beautiful and caring mind.

If you introduce tea ceremony manners to your daily life, you will have a polite and slow attitude → good mood reaction → everyone will be comfortable as a result. In this way, we can create a mutually comfortable situation.

It is very pleasant to think and act in a way that makes each other feel comfortable and maintains the relationship.

Enrich your mind to make your days fun

At each tea ceremony, we decide the theme according to the season and the event. They may decide who they want to invite.

It’s a matter of course, but the same time of the year does not come around. We prepare a plan to enjoy the time while being conscious of the fact that we both use life and time that we have only once.

Tea ceremony tools vary depending on the season and the theme of the tea ceremony. Arrange as if enjoying fashion.

Sometimes, even if it’s not a tea ceremony tool, I use a substitute or design and arrange it by myself. Above all, I want to enjoy that time together! That’s the best feeling.

learn from one’s predecessors and live a better life

Originally, tea was brought from a monk, and it can be regarded as ascetic practices, so it has a connection.

The basic idea of Zen is “To believe in yourself, to know “true self”, to be yourself, to live as you are”.

You can understand more about Japan by knowing how the tea ceremony was established and why there is a unique Japanese sensibility.

For example, tea was originally imported from China and India. From there, there were various histories, and the current Japanese tea ceremony was established.

How do you like it? If you know a lot of things, you will be interested in various things, and your world will expand more and more by exploring and acquiring knowledge.

In this way, you can learn how to enjoy your life more through the tea ceremony! Let’s enjoy our lives more through the tea ceremony together!

But Jaoanese tea ceremony cherishes two things.

1: It is easy to make tea and to act on the other and enjoy it.

2: Use the knowledge of tea ceremony to enrich and enrich your life

(For example, the history of tea ceremony, the meaning of manners, ideas, unique values, etc.)

The most important thing in tea ceremony

The most important thing in Japanese tea ceremony is spiritual training.In the tea ceremony, they try to learn the manners from outside.

However, there is no point in seeking only the outside.The most important thing is to have a rich and pure heart.

This is regarded as more important in Hospitarily tea ceremony.

・ No sitting, no kimono, no tatami mat,You can do it esasily

・ Even if you don’t have all the utensils, you can substitute 5 items for the items at home.

・ You can take matcha which is good for mind and body healthy.

・ The concentration is increased when you make a tea, stress is relieved

・ Incorporate daily thinking about Zen and enjoy life more

So that, I arranged and made “Hospitality tea ceremony”.

A regular tea ceremony is like a so-called ritual, and it requires a lot of training, tools and special places to get it in full swing.

For example, you may wear a kimono, or need a tea room or tea utensils.

Furthermore, not only the hospitality side but also the customer side needs knowledge and preparation.

It is a special tea culture that tea parties can not be established without knowledge of each other.

And tea ceremony basically does not talk. They communicate by manners.

If they speak, there is a form.

For example, someone who is representative of you may talk to the organizer.

There is an order to talk, and everything is in detail.

Because it is such a tea ceremony, I want to do a tea ceremony! In that case, basically the practice is the main.

First of all, you need a lot of practice and you can not have a tea ceremony if you can not do it.

And it is because we can not treat others.

If you want to learn the tea ceremony, you often go to the tea ceremony class and practice a lot.



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