Enjoy Japanese tea ceremony at a picnic or even outside! Nodate Arrangements

In the tea ceremony, there is a form of “nodate” (outdoor tea ceremony) in which matcha is prepared and enjoyed outdoors.

Some restaurants have a Japanese-style atmosphere so that it can be enjoyed outdoors.

The tea ceremony has the philosophy of “enjoying the present moment,” and the concept of loving and respecting the seasons and nature.

That is why we hope you will give it a try.

Table of contents

The Beginning of Nodate

There are various theories about the history of nodate.

One of the most famous is that Sen no Rikyu served tea to Toyotomi Hideyoshi during his march in the Warring States period.

The reason for this is that matcha tea contains caffeine, which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, and has long been said to have medicinal properties.

Tea is said to have been served during wartime, when people often spent time outside and took a short rest, and it must have been a different feeling from tea at home.

Enjoying a cup of tea in a slightly different place can be a refreshing experience.


It is a priceless nodate (field trip) to spend time with your favorite friends, colleagues, and family while enjoying the nice weather outside and a pleasant breeze.



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