Hair and makeup for tea ceremony and tea party

“I want to go to a tea party!” “I want to go to a tea ceremony!” ” I want to go out for a little tea ceremony fun!” When you think, “What kind of hair and makeup should I wear? Don’t you wonder?

Here are some points to keep in mind. With this in mind, both men and women can enjoy matcha in their best condition without any problems.

The number one priority is “to enjoy matcha with peace of mind.”

The easiest way to understand the concept is to enjoy matcha in peace.

That is why both the etiquette and the concept of the tea ceremony are founded on this.

That is why this is the way it is.

Sweets are served first to enhance the taste of matcha to the fullest and are then consumed.
The etiquette is based on the procedure to serve the best tasting matcha to the customers.
The tea room and the water closet should be kept clean so that the guests can enjoy matcha in peace.

The tea ceremony is a ceremony in which the guest and the host are one and the same. This means that the guests also need to cooperate in order to participate in tea ceremonies and tea ceremony practice, and that this is what makes it possible.

First, the following is a simple place to start.

-Nails should be cut short and nothing should be attached to them.
The reason for this is to prevent damage to the tools and nail polish.

Hair should be styled in such a way that hair does not stick to the tools.
The reason for this is so that when passing plates and other utensils to other people, if hair gets on the utensils, it will not look clean.
The image of a traditional kimono style hairdo.

Makeup should not be too flashy, and lipstick should not be left on the bowl.
The reason for this is that the tea ceremony is a culture of wabi-sabi, and matcha is the main ingredient, so it is important to be aware of the role it plays as a complement.

Do not wear perfume.
The reason is that you will not be able to enjoy the aroma of matcha and the fragrance of the incense.

Do not wear jewelry or watches on your hands.
The reason is that they may damage the tea utensils.

In summary, there is no need to overdress in order to enjoy the atmosphere of matcha and the tea ceremony.

Being fashionable is fun, but the most fashionable thing is to fit the TPO.



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