An elegant impression from learn of Japanese tea ceremony

Tea ceremony etiquette may be more of an image of something special “make a tea”.

However, in the course of your study up to this “make a tea”

You can learn how to make people look elegant and graceful even in everyday gestures.

A little difference in your consciousness can change your impression drastically.

1: Be careful to take your action slowly.

In tea ceremony, we take our manners very carefully and slowly.

That’s why they look elegant, sexy and calm.

For example, when I’m having tea with someone.

When placing the handkerchief on the knee, instead of quickly taking the handkerchief out of the bag with one hand, slowly and carefully take the handkerchief out and place it on the knee.

Then, it looks elegant, although it is only a slight gesture.

2: Treat heavy objects as light and light objects as heavy.

In tea ceremony etiquette, we learn that tea ceremony tools are called “handle heavy things as light”.

In some cases, it may be difficult to treat heavy things as light.

However, it is easy to treat light things as if they were heavy.

For example, instead of putting a light plate on the table quickly, take about two seconds to do each action.

Then, you can give the impression that you are handling the light plate carefully.

People who cherish things are cherished by both things and people.

3: Always hold the plate with your hands or lift it up neatly.

In the tea ceremony, the way of handling the plates is done carefully.

For example, when you take sweets from a plate, you always put your hand on the plate.

Then, use your own kaishi as a plate and lift it up properly so that the sweets don’t spill.

It gives an impression to handle dishes carefully by putting your hands on them properly and lifting them up with your hands without treating them roughly.

Even if it’s a regular meal, you should hold your hand when you share it with someone.

Then, when you put food on your own plate, lift it up properly.

This alone gives the impression that “a person who treats a variety of things carefully”.

4: When you open the door, don’t open it wide suddenly.

In tea ceremony, it is held in a tea room, so it is originally not a door but a sliding door (bran).

When you open a Fusuma door, you don’t basically stand to open it, but sit to open it.

At that time, not only the right hand and the left hand, but also by the process of opening, you can switch hands and open slowly and carefully.

Of course, when you close a Fusuma door, you do not close it roughly, but close it slowly and carefully.

It is easy to utilize this flow in the door. Open and close the door without making as much noise as possible, and without handling roughly.

If the door suddenly makes a noise and opens wide, people will be surprised, so it would be better to be considerate.

5: Be careful when handling chopsticks.

In Japan, the way people use chopsticks attracts attention as one of the behaviors that give the background of their growth.

When you handle chopsticks with care, it seems as if you are respecting their culture.

You should know how to use chopsticks beforehand.

In Japanese culture, it is said that gestures express a person’s personality.

How do you like it? There are some tips in tea ceremony etiquette that you can use in your daily life.

In a normal tea ceremony class, you practice the manners over and over again so that you can learn them naturally.

In other words, the idea is that you enter from the mold, and gradually the contents of yourself become like that.

For example, it is difficult for a person to shed tears thinking about a very sad thing or to impress the other person while looking up with a full smile.

On the other hand, it’s hard to think about bright, exciting, fun things with a hunched back and a gloomy face, and to impress others.

In other words, to some extent, you can manipulate your actions, your thoughts, and the impressions you give them.



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