Why are the rituals and customs of Japanese tea ceremony so important?

Japanese tea ceremony culture has had a profound influence on the national character, personality development, and values of the Japanese people, even today.

The Japanese tea ceremony has influenced not only the drinking of tea, but also politics and education.

For example, the diligence of the Japanese people, their “watchfulness” without much talk, the cleanliness of the country, and the cleanliness of the Japanese people (e.g., toilets) are all connected to the Japanese tea ceremony.

There are many other examples. Many Japanese women have taken up the Japanese tea ceremony. The reason for this is that the Japanese nation has a history of intentionally incorporating it into its educational programs.

In other words, the way of being and characteristics of being Japanese are all in the Japanese tea ceremony.

So it is an important culture for living as Japanese and for continuing to exist as a Japanese nation.



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