It tells us what we want to know clearly.

I used to go abroad when I was a student.

When foreign friends of various nationalities can be made, I have always been asked about Japanese culture.

“Can you do a Japanese tea ceremony?”

“Teach me the meaning of tea ceremonial tools”

What is “What is a tea ceremony?”

I have come to think that even if I do not understand the tea ceremony at all, “I think that it is better to know Japanese culture to some extent as a Japanese.”

So, Mika-san’s casual tea ceremony, from the history and meaning of the tea ceremony, from simple manners to its meaning, I thought that Japanese would tell me what I would like to know.

Mika-san herself was go to abroad, and seems to have encountered such a scene.

In casual tea ceremony, it is attractive that “It tells us what we want to know clearly”.

(Chiba: 20’s: Ms Akina)


[A4 size 3 pages] How to make easy and delicious matcha,manners and useful information[Simple ver.]


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