I enjoyed it in a very nice atmosphere and not stiff.

Actually, I was interested in Japanese tea ceremony, and I used to go to the class before.

However, I after getting married it was hard to take time and I was forced to take care of my child.

As I could afford a little time, I thought that I wanted to start a tea ceremony, but it was too difficlut.

At that time I found Mika-san’s casual tea ceremony.

At Japanese tea ceremony, I enjoyed in a very nice atmosphere and not stiff.

Especially, the meaning and history of the teaching methods which usually tea ceremony class did not teach was very easy to understand, and I learned a lot.

Normally, in Japanese tea ceremony class, practice is the main, so it is not easy to tell us about why you are doing the maneuver, what kind of circumstances existed and how it did this.

Rather than just doing a maneuver, I realize that the way of doing the manners after understanding the meaning is more and more hearted in it.

(Chiba: 40’s: Ms Sae)











[A4 size 3 pages] How to make easy and delicious matcha,manners and useful information[Simple ver.]


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