When encountering force majeure or unreasonable circumstances beyond one’s control

As you go through life, no matter how hard you try, there will be situations that are beyond your control. Even when it’s not your fault, you may suffer harm or negative impacts.

Such is the impermanence of life.

Happiness comes from within, and satisfaction depends on your mindset. That’s why it’s worthwhile to learn from Zen how to overcome even the most difficult circumstances.

・Adversity can become power – “Sail against the wind”


When facing adversity, see it as an opportunity to grow stronger. Just as a sailboat uses the power of opposing winds to move forward, let difficulties motivate you to forge ahead.

Shift your perspective – don’t resist or resent trials, but align yourself to harness their energy in a positive direction. With flexibility and focus, you can navigate challenges skillfully.


Suffering leads to growth – “When the birds cry, the mountain becomes more secluded”


When life gets painful and difficult, see it as an opportunity for inner growth. Like a mountain valley that becomes more serene as the cries of birds fill the air, lean into the discomfort to deepen your wisdom and strength.

Difficulties compel us to look within and cultivate our mental and emotional resources. Rather than resisting or resenting challenges, embrace them calmly as a path to develop maturity and resilience.

Suffering can deepen our self-awareness and refine our character, leading to greater peace and presence.


Live your own life – “Others are not me”

Focus on your own path rather than comparing yourself to others. Each person has their own unique talents, challenges and purpose.

Don’t let the expectations, judgments or accomplishments of others distract you.

Be inspired by people you admire, but don’t try to emulate them or seek validation through them.

Your worth is not defined by external standards. Listen to your inner wisdom and pursue what gives your life meaning. Stay grounded in your true self.



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