Great for summer fatigue and UV protection! How to make cold and delicious matcha.

How to make “Chilled matcha green tea”: You can enjoy making cold and delicious matcha even in summer!

Matcha in tea ceremony, don’t you imagine hot things?

Actually, there is something called “Chilled matcha green tea” which you can enjoy even in summer!

tea ceremony

Here’s how to make it.

There are also made in tea ceremony classes!

1: Chill Matcha in the fridge.

2: Prepare water, add ice and cool.

3: Add a bit more matcha than usual.

4: First, add half less water than usual and mix with a tea whisk.

5: Next, add the other half and mix again with a tea whisk.

6:Add ice at the end.

7: Done!

Also, I recommend delicious sweets that make you feel summer!

Let’s enjoy tea ceremony casually in summer too!

*I recommend delicious summer sweets that make your eyes feel cool!

The sense of the season is very important in the tea ceremony.

This is because, in the past, technology was not as advanced as it is now, so there were no fans or air conditioners to stay cool in summer.

So how did you come up with a way to feel “cool in the summer”?

This is because we emphasized the design of confectionery for “feel cooler and more comfortable” from the viewpoint of vision.

It’s said scientifically, but people get more than 80% of their information from their eyes.

That’s why visual “feeling or suggestive of coolness” is so effective.

*Then, I will introduce what kind of summer sweets are actually available.

1: Kuzu manju, mizu manju, warabi mochi

It is expressed as if it is transparent, cold and wrapped gently in pure water.

2: Mizu-yokan (sweet bean paste)

It has more moisture than usual yokan and is smooth! It can be eaten like this.

3: Amber sugar (Kohakutō)

These higashi are designed to look like jewels. The see-through beauty makes you imagine the ocean.

4: Summer design higashi

The design is more suitable for summer than the taste. It reminds me of summer in Japan.

5: Main confectionery with flowers representing summer

Some summer sweets are designed with flowers representing summer in Japan.

Hydrangea, sunflower, morning glory, etc.

*In Japanese tea ceremony, tea is called “Tateru” instead of “Tukuru:making”.

Well, it’s Japnese tea ceremony that you can enjoy in summer, but tea has a unique Japanese expression.

Drinking is usually referred to as “make” “pour”.

But in the case of tea, we say “Tateru”.

The word “Tateru” has the meaning of “make” in kanji.

The reason why “Tateru” is because it is in history.

Originally, tea came from China (or India) BC.

Making tea in Chinese is called “TENCHA”.

It is written in Chinese and it is an expression called tea to make foam.

We pronounce it “Tateru” in kanji.

So, even in Japanese, making tea is called “TENCHA” and tea is expressed as “Tateru”.

In addition, the series of actions to “Tateru” tea is called “Otemae” which is also connected to this “TENCHA”.

It’s a different country, but when I know this kind of thing, I feel close to it.

*A cup of tea is called “Ippuku” in Japanese, not “Ippai”.

And “Ippai” of tea is expressed as “Ippuku” in Japanese.

Drinks are usually counted as “a glass” but tea is called “Ippuku”.

This is influenced by the fact that tea was taken as a medicine in Japan in the past.

Even now, taking medicine is called “Puku[take]” in Japanese, and it has influenced me.

It is said that it was especially effective for hangovers.

Of course, it’s still effective.

The kanji’s reading of “Fuku” is literally “Puku”.


*Matcha is very versatile! Pleasant effects and efficacy that were also used in medicine

Matcha contains a lot of nutrients and is said to be good for beauty and health.

First of all, you can take in almost the same nutrients of tea into your body depending on the production method of Matcha.

By doing so, your skin and hair will become beautiful, allergy will be alleviated, diet effect, and cavity prevention will be achieved.

People who have been practicing tea ceremony for a long time or who have a chance to drink tea tend to live a long healthy life.

Please feel free to use matcha even in summer.

*Let’s spend a meaningful day drinking matcha in the morning.

Actually, there is a saying about tea.

Examples include “A cup of morning tea keeps the trouble away.” “Morning tea brings good fortune.” and “Even if it returns 7 “Ri” (unit of distance), drink morning green tea.”.

Drinking tea from the morning is said to wake you up and have a moderate relaxing effect, so you can spend a healthy day.

Many people say that they wake up by drinking coffee or tea in the morning, but I recommend Matcha which is more effective for the body.

Matcha is good at night, but if you drink too much, you will take too much caffeine and it may disturb your sleep.

First, how about a morning smoke?

I hope your every day is healthy, fun and rich.

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Welcome to Japan!

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