The encounter with tea ceremony that changes your life.

The chance for me to start Japanese tea ceremony was the club activity selection at the time of junior high school.

My school was a private girls’ school.

There were various kinds of club activities. Tennis, swimming, music and cooking and so on.

But I chose the tea ceremony.

A view of a tea ceremony

Because I knew the rumor that delicious Japanese sweets could be eaten after classes ended.

Moreover, school rules were strict, so I was happy at that time.

If we belong to the tea ceremony club, it’s tools are necessary.

Everyone bought what teacher taught.

However, because my mother was doing, I inherited the mother ‘s tea ceremony tool.

At that time, I learned that my mother was doing a tea ceremony when she was young.

(Now, since I started doing Japenese tea ceremony work, she is going to Japanese tea ceremony class and doing a similar activity.)

In the club activity, the teacher came to the tea room once a week and taught us how to practice.

The method of practice is basically a practice for the tea gathering.(join and hold)

After that practice, the teacher gathers the students and talks about Japanese tea ceremony’s inside things every time.

For example, She explain the tea flower that decorated today, the meaning of the tea bowl, historical stories about the tools.

I love that story every time.

drink tea

Even though the teacher talked about the same story three times, I was able to hear with fresh feeling every time! Lol

(But I am not good at remember Japanese history, I can remember many things that I am interested.I am surprised even myself!)

And I began reading books of the tea ceremony and studying about it myself.

So when I went to art college and was a graduate student of art college master.

One day, a friend from the share house asked me “Hey, Mika is doing a tea ceremony, is not it?”

She asked me. “Recently I started wanting to do a tea ceremony, so I would like to have a casual tea ceremony party,next time.”

I was surprised.

Because I did not know what to do hold casually tea ceremony even though I had experience with a normal.

I was worried.

For the time being, I borrowed a Japanese-style room in the share house and taught people how to drink as a customer and basic knowledge.

After that, I taught based on a book for junior high school students dealt when I belonged club activities.

I was worried because I just read the contents of the book.

But what I was told after it was over was “It was a lot of fun!” “I want to learn more about the tea ceremony!” It was a pleasant word of “Tea ceremony is deep and interesting!”

I was very glad that my favorite things make people happy.

From that point, my friend’s reviews has expanded and I started casual tea ceremony’s activity.

Also, if I have a request, I will have tea gathering for foreigners.

Now, I do events of tea ceremony for companies and teach college students.

Recently, I want more people to be interested in Japanese tea ceremony, so I am approaching by HP blogs, YouTube and Instagram too.

My job began with a request from Japanese tea ceremony beginner.


People asked “Why is that?” And “What does that mean?”

I also thought that it was common sense by myself, but I noticed various things.

Incorporating it, I tried and errored “original casual tea ceremony for beginners” independently.

The way of arranging was easy so that you can do it at home.

Mainly to convey meaningful points in easy-to-understand ways to help everyday life and life.

Of course, I am also on the consultation such as “I want to teach tea ceremony class full-scale, so please teach me how to choose” or “What to do when participating in a tea ceremony tea party”.

My casual tea ceremony is meant to make life more enjoyable.

I would be happy if it could be a good opportunity for those who actually start tea ceremony classes in earnest.


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