Q:There is no tatami in my house either. Can I truly play Japanese tea ceremony?


A: The Hospitality tea ceremony which I propose will use chair and table. The tea ceremony which does not sit up is called “Ryuurei” (dumpling). This is officially the point of a tea ceremony. It never has to be on tatami in addition. Please do not worry.

Q:Can not I have a lot of knowledge in the tea ceremony?

When you do a tea ceremony, even if you know the point of how to drink tea and how to get sweets, basically it is not too much trouble at a tea party. And the method is different depending on the type of tea (light tea / dark tea) and the kind of sweets (main confectionery · sweets). If you have any request, I will keep you informed about how to drink tea and how to get sweets so that you do not have to worry about going out for a tea party etc.

Q:Is the tea ceremony necessary a lot of necessary tools? Can I substitute things at home?


If you actually do Japanese tea ceremony with classrooms or lessons, many tea ceremonies are necessary.
However, what I will offer in Japanese tea ceremony I propose.
Things that generate hot water such as

1: pot or kettle
2: Tea bowl (Bowls are best for beginners)
3: spoons (teaspoon is the best)
4 :Matcha
5 :Tea whisk (a tool to match green tea)
(6 What you want to eat sweets)
That’s all.
I think that there are many things that can be substituted for things that are at home.

Q:What is the difference between Hospitality tea ceremony and ordinary tea ceremony?

Usually Japanese tea ceremony class, we have to do sitting regularly, and various tools become necessary.
However, in Hospitality tea ceremony and Hospitality tea party,At a minimum,you can do it.
In the Hospitality tea ceremony, we do not teach only the form and method which tend to be in the classroom of ordinary tea ceremony or lesson.
For example, I will tell you easily about the spirituality contained in the tea ceremony such as “confront ourselves” and “have compassionate to others”.

Example: “Why do you turn your bowl in a clockwise direction?” The front shows respect for the partner. The back represents humility. Therefore, you can communicate silently between “respect” and “humility” by showing the reverse side to the opponent, not the front.
Example: “Why do you drink tea after sweets?” To eat the most delicious tea, I will eat sweets first.
Example: “Why do you drink tea together with the same tea bowl as a person?” There is a meaning to cherish the sum by drinking tea with the same tea cup together.

Q:Is it okay for sweets other than Japanese sweets?

The sweets of the tea ceremony proposed by me are OK even if it is not necessarily Japanese sweets.
For example, if you are a sweet sweet you want to eat, such as chocolate or cookie, it is OK as a cake for the tea ceremony.
However, my Hospitality tea ceremony uses bosom-pokect paper and pick made of spicewood, so I will prepare Japanese sweets.

Q:The tea is hot. Even in the summer it is kind of a bit to drink a lot of hot things.

There is a method to put in Japanese tea ceremony, drink it by putting ice and chilling it.
This method is also practiced at shops. We can propose to those who want to drink cold Matcha.

Q:Can you talk about necessary tea ceremony and classrooms for us?

A:It is possible to consult within the range that I can tell. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

Q:I am worried about how to play Japanese tea ceremony. Can I really do it for the first time?

A:At the Hospitality tea ceremony and Hospitality tea ceremony party, we will play good it even for beginners.

For example,
1:deliciously tea spending 10 seconds gym
2: Temperature and amount of hot water that makes it easy to drink tea
3 :How to treat tea leaves deliciously tea
4 :The amount of green tea that deliciously tea
5: Easy way of working convenient when you know

Even those who are beginners, it has become a game designed to make a tea easily and well, so please enjoy it!

[A4 size 3 pages] How to make easy and delicious matcha,manners and useful information[Simple ver.]

Welcome to Japan!

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