Otaku Consumption and Tea Ceremony

Have you ever heard of the term “otaku consumption”?

It means “spending money or time on a hobby.

If that’s the case, then I guess you could say that I am an “otaku consumer” of the tea ceremony (laughs).

(laughs) Of course, such “otaku consumption” has happened many times in the history of the tea ceremony.

Strictly speaking, it may be a little different from the concept of “otaku consumption,” but it is still the same in the sense that people are interested in the tea ceremony and consume and buy various things.

Please enjoy it from the perspective that it is a bit funny.

1:Tea Rooms and Otaku Consumption

Sen no Rikyu emphasized the importance of “simplicity and smallness,” so his tea room is really simple.

However, here is one of the most famous “Geek consumption”.

This is the famous golden tea house. This is a golden teahouse said to have been built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It is an extravagant teahouse with three flat tatami mats decorated with gold everywhere.

I’m sure that not many people would feel at home in this room because of all the surprises.

Nevertheless, this is not a normal tea room architecture, but a luxurious and gorgeous one that was built to show off the power.


2:Tea Ceremony Tools and Otaku Consumption

In the old days, there was a concept among samurai that the amount of tea utensils one owned was a sign of one’s authority.

Especially rare tea utensils were priced so high that people even risked their lives for them.

I’m sure there must have been conversations like “I have such and such” or “I have such and such collection.

3:Tea and Otaku Consumption

There is such a thing as “otaku consumption” in tea. Even today, there is a kind of tea kabuki in which the origin of the tea is appraised.

Once upon a time, a game called “tucha” was popular among the rich and aristocracy.

This was a game to guess the origin of the tea based on the way it was made, its aroma and taste.

It’s fun being an “otaku consumer,” pursuing what you love!

The term “otaku consumption” is one that I personally like a lot.

When you enjoy something you like, it leads to an economy, which in turn enriches the lives of others and creates a culture.

So, do you have “otaku consumption” in your life?



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