You will find someone important to you in the tea ceremony.

If you cherish the tea ceremony “Once in the lifetime chance and meeting”, your world will expand rapidly.

Once in the lifetime chance and meeting is a parable of valuing encounters in the sense that you can only meet once in a one-time life.

In Japanese education, this is generally known as a four-character idiom, but it is said to be derived from the way of thinking of tea ceremony.

This is a Buddhist language and means the period from the birth of a person to his death.

It means to meet only once.

Somehow, the passing days and encounters with people change the world by changing the consciousness a little.

Casual tea ceremony is different from regular tea ceremony.
Normal tea ceremony is the act of keeping the traditional form of Japan, turning on tea, and serving customers.

Casual tea ceremony makes the method simpler so that anyone can easily.

And we teach easy-to-understand knowledge that can be used so that it may be useful to modern life.

By learning from casual tea ceremony,

・ No sitting, no kimono, no tatami mat,You can do it esasily

・ Even if you don’t have all the utensils, you can substitute 5 items for the items at home.

・ You can take matcha which is good for mind and body healthy.

・ The concentration is increased when you make a tea, stress is relieved

・ Incorporate daily thinking about Zen and enjoy life more

So that, I arranged and made “Casual tea ceremony”.

A regular tea ceremony is like a so-called ritual, and it requires a lot of training, tools and special places to get it in full swing.

For example, you may wear a kimono, or need a tea room or tea utensils.

Furthermore, not only the hospitality side but also the customer side needs knowledge and preparation.

It is a special tea culture that tea parties can not be established without knowledge of each other.

And tea ceremony basically does not talk. They communicate by manners.

If they speak, there is a form.

For example, someone who is representative of you may talk to the organizer.

There is an order to talk, and everything is in detail.

Because it is such a tea ceremony, I want to do a tea ceremony! In that case, basically the practice is the main.

First of all, you need a lot of practice and you can not have a tea ceremony if you can not do it.

And it is because we can not treat others.

If you want to learn the tea ceremony, you often go to the tea ceremony class and practice a lot.

But the casual tea ceremony cherishes two things.

1: It is easy to make tea and to act on the other and enjoy it.

2: Use the knowledge of tea ceremony to enrich and enrich your life

(For example, the history of tea ceremony, the meaning of manners, ideas, unique values, etc.)

The knowledge of tea ceremony and the concept  are called “Once in the lifetime chance and meeting”.

Once in the lifetime chance and meeting means that meeting with all people should be cherished.

It is a parable that it is so valuable that you can only meet once in a one-time life.

In many cases of education in Japan, it is commonly known as a four-character idiom, but it is said to be derived from the way of thinking of tea ceremony.

That is because there is no same tea ceremony again, and meeting with people who meet at it is very valuable.

It is a Buddhist language and means the period from the birth of a person to his death.

And it means that people meet only once.

In Japan, you may not usually experience this “one-in-one meeting” in Japan.

But, for example, when you meet new people or when you want to put something together with someone with something, think about it with this kind of perspective.

“If I have something to do with this person…”

Even if it is the same sex or the opposite sex.

It does not mean that you expect something from your opponent,

Perhaps there may be new discoveries, and there may be similarities.

Because, in any case, meeting people is interesting and something happens.

In fact, the other meaning of this “Once in the lifetime chance and meeting” is also to treat the other carefully.

If you think that every single encounter is special, do you think the other person is important?

Then we think that we will not take a bad attitude and I will naturally smile.

When we treat each other in a manner that values ​​the other party, we can spend each other feeling good.

Yes, feelings appear in action.

Feelings of importance are reflected in actions of cherishing the other, which leads to good things for each other later.

Such a way of thinking is passed on to Japan.

Meeting people makes your life richer.
What I cherish is to enjoy and enrich life through the tea ceremony.

Please enjoy yourself and enrich your life through casual tea ceremony.


  1. The manners of tea ceremony include…

[A4 size 3 pages] How to make easy and delicious matcha,manners and useful information[Simple ver.]

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