Report :4/20(sat)Tea ceremony enjoy casually experience!Learn easily to do!Sweets present!@Akihabara

Report :4/20(sat)Tea ceremony enjoy casually experience!Learn easily to do!Sweets present!@Akihabara

Hello, I’m Mika Fukushima.

You can learn from the tea ceremony and enjoy everyday life!

I held an English tea ceremony event in Akihabara on Saturday, April 20!

Thank you very much to everyone who came to the tea ceremony event for beginners!

Thanks to you, it was full.

The theme is “Akihabara! Saturday April 20: Spring 2019! It is safe even for beginners ♪ Enjoy tea ceremony by making matcha with people from overseas.”.

I explained the history of tea ceremony, Japanese wabi sabi and aesthetic sense.

The program(* I also told you how to make tea, the manner of drinking tea, and the meaning.), a tea ceremony event for beginners, was easy and enjoyable for anyone to learn about the secret to making matcha, the meaning of tea ceremony manners, and the history!

Of course, matcha and sweets are included.

Those who participated in the tea ceremony event for beginners were so happy!

・ It was valuable to be taught not only the tea ceremony itself but also the unique Japanese values of “Wabi Sabi” and the characteristics of the Japanese people. It was interesting that the tea ceremony not only focused on drinking tea but also on the spiritual aspect.

・ Once I experienced the tea ceremony in the tea room. However, at Mika’s seminar today, I learned that each of her manners is meaningful, and that this way of thinking is alive to the Japanese of today. It was very good.

・ For example, when I was served tea, I was happy that they told me in an easy-to-understand way the detailed questions such as “drink in one gulp” or “drink a little”. I could understand that Japanese express their feelings by actions and communicate.

・ I am a teacher. I can speak Japanese, but I don’t have many opportunities to learn about Japanese culture and history based on Japanese modern times. I was very impressed to learn the inner aspects of Japan, such as Japanese culture and the characteristics of Japanese people, in an easy-to-understand manner through the tea ceremony.

・It was good that they told me specifically what good things will happen if I apply the knowledge and meaning of tea ceremony to modern life. Now that I know how to make it easily at home and the effect of Matcha, I will buy it and do it at home. I plan to show it to my family and friends.

I’m really happy about such things. Thank you for everything!