4/20(sat)Tea ceremony enjoy casually experience!Learn easily to do!Sweets present!@Akihabara

[Akihabara] Sat, 4/20: tea ceremony enjoy casually experience!Learn easily to do!Sweets present!

Anyone who has never done tea ceremony, who wants a tea ceremony companion, can enjoy it!

On that day you can make tea ,and you can do it yourself,from now on. We will also give Japanese sweets!

※Basically all in English.

· Schedule: From April 20 (Saturday) 13:45 – 15:15

· Location: Rental space & cafe puzzle Asakusabashi

· Address: 5 – 2 – Asakusabashi, Taito – ku, Tokyo 111 – 0053 Suzawa Building 2F

· Nearest station
★ From the direction of “Asakusabashi”
JR Sobu Line Asakusabashi Station West Exit A,4-minute walk
Asakusabashi Station on the Toei Asakusa line A4,6 minutes walk

★ From “Akihabara” direction
Metro Hibiya Line Akihabara Station 1st,7 Minutes walk
JR Yamanote line Akihabara station Showa district Exit,8 minutes walk

· Map here!

<Special program * Depending on circumstances, it will be changed. >
1:Introduction …
・Instructor’s Introduction
・introduce the atmosphere of the usual tea ceremony.

2:Simple introducing yourself within the group
・The reason is that I drink tea in the same space in later practice. So it is to relax.

・So,Japanese tea ceremony have thought attitude of ‘Ichigo ichie’一期一会 (meeting only once in a lifetime) . Therefore, it is to cherish encounter with others.

(I will talk about how Japan are affected and related.)
・History of tea ceremony
・Meaning of manners
・Japanese spirituality

During lecture time, they will share in the group impressions and thoughts they have heard so far.
(For example,Difference with your country,Near or similar, What You noticed in your experience,and so on)
Japanese tea ceremony have thought attitude of ‘”harmony’和(means ‘harmony’. ). It is to cherish accept and respect each other’s differences.

< Break time 10 minutes >
→ Before practicing,I instructors show simple methods and tea points and sample points.

5:Directions & Drink tea on your own.
Pour hot water into the cup for each group.

6:Q & A response(5minutes~ until the last hour)

【The last notice】
After the event is over, you can use the next cafe.
If you get along with each other at this event, you can drink tea as it is.

· Number of people: limited to 20 people

· Special gift: Japanese sweets

· Fee: 2,000yen

【Precautions for participation】
· Those who are engaged in network-based business
· For those who are solicitation (Although it is advertisement OK, it is a brute solicitation)
· Person who disturbs the place such as non-cooperative attitude, ruining, annoying behavior