Event and tea gathering for beginners

The casual tea ceremony is different from ordinary tea ceremony.
The present tea ceremony classroom is mainly to learn the tea ceremony established about 150 years ago and to become extreme.
However, I thought that we should make use of the know-how and knowledge of the tea ceremony as a useful tool for our daily lives and life guidelines.

And it is the casual tea ceremony of Mika Fukushima style which established.
As a casual tea ceremony, “As a familiar tea ceremony useful for daily life in the modern era” I will inform you of the easy way to enjoy Matcha & tea ceremony culture and knowledge that is easy to incorporate into everyday life from the history.
This realizes a casual tea ceremony where every day is fun.

Introduction of  Japanese Tea Ceremony tools


I receive questions that I’d like to do a tea ceremony.In the question is ‘tea ceremony tools’.
“Department stores etc are far away by region, so we can not easily buy themselves easily”
“Because I get lost when entering a store, I do not know what to do”

“I’d like to give presents, but they are newbies to each other and they do not know well.”etc···
I will introduce the tools of Japanese tea ceremony that I recommend.
It will be a great success both in lesson and in Japanese tea ceremony party  as well as! 

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Information dissemination that makes fun every day

When you do Japanese casual tea ceremony

· Because you can constantly be aware of respect for respect in Japanese tea ceremony, humility and gratitude, our relationships can also be smooth!
· By becoming accustomed to enjoying easily, you will be able to challenge other things that you thought were hurd up to now!
· There is also an effect to calm your mind in Matcha, so you can relax stress from everyday without margin!
· Since there is nothing to fit in the conventional type, it will be out of concept such as “Absolutely doing this!”, It will be able to respond flexibly to other things!
· Even those who have hesitated to “I want to do Japanese tea ceremony but the threshold is high” until now, can easily make a dream come true!