What traditional Japanese tea ceremony has

Do you know what is Japanese tea ceremony?

Japanese tea ceremony is a ritual that acts against the opponent, make a tea,matcha,Japanese traditional tea party.

There are various ways to enjoy tea in the world.

Black tea in Europe (UK) and America. Taiwanese tea, Chinese tea etc.

Under such circumstances, Japanese tea ceremony is established under the influence of Japanese history, spirituality and culture.

So, I am trying to understand the contents of  it and teach it as a casual tea ceremony so that the manners can be easily done at home.

Because, if it is “procedure for making tea” you can experience it in an ordinary tea ceremony class or an event.

However, the history, spirituality and meaning of tea ceremony are difficult to learn.

The reason is that there are many things to learn, too many things to investigate if you read books or explore it.

However, if you know the content of Japanese tea ceremony by just the important points, you can enjoy “procedure for making tea” more and understand more about Japanese people and Japan.

Most Japanese are many images who just drink tea and have a lot of practice to hospitality.

And not many Japanese who know the contents of Japanese tea ceremony.

However, I think that knowing the content is important,”procedure for making tea” too.

For example, you are going to do some work.

Understanding only the way of work


the meaning of doing the job and what is the goal, understanding what kind of influence will be given to customers and opponents

so which do you motivation rises for either?

Surely you will get better performance than just working.

At least, I think so.

So I have such experiences in that the impression changes as I know the meaning of culture.

When I went to Hawaii, I have taught the meaning of hula dance from the local guide.

Until then, the hula dance was a bright image.

Because Hawaii is a regular summer and everyone think that there are many cheerful and generous people.

But actually it was different.

Hula dance sometimes expresses emotions of sadness and sometimes expresses historical meaning.

Culture has the history, spirituality and meaning of the country.

By knowing such things, you will gain a new perspective and expand your world.

If your world expands, daily life will become vividly richer.

Let’s get to know the contents of the tea ceremony together!



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