How to Get Out of Anxiety: The Zen Word “Mo-Delusion”

When you are positive about the future, it is good, but when you are anxious about the future, you are in a negative loop.

When we are plagued by anxiety, we tend to make choices that make our situation worse and worse.

And then we start from the dependency of worrying.

*The tea ceremony is a culture linked to Zen teachings, called chazen iichimi (tea, Zen, and flavor). For this reason, Zen teachings and Zen words are also emphasized in the tea ceremony.

“Regrets of the past and fears of the future.”

It is often said that people are negatively influenced by “regrets of the past and fears of the future”.

The facts of the past cannot be changed, and the future is not known because it has not yet arrived.

Yet, people repeat delusions.

The Zen term for this is “makumozou” (莫妄想).

It teaches us not to be delusional.

However, I believe that human beings can’t help what they do.

If we could consciously stop doing the things we end up doing, we would have no trouble.

That is why I think it is important to

I don’t think of negative delusions in terms of my current situation.
I doubt if the anxiety should really be anxiety.
I will try to minimize the time I spend in negative fantasies.

I will focus on these three points.

It is because we assume “happiness or unhappiness” on our own that we become anxious.


Do you ever assume that you have to be this way or that you cannot be happy?

From such determination, you look to the past or the future and say, “I have to be this way in order not to be that way,” and then you drive yourself further and further into a corner, saying, “I have to be that way now.

In such a case, I urge you to say, “Now I’ve managed, this is a perfect score! You are doing a great job!” and praise yourself.

Then, strangely enough, your mind will calm down. The fact that you are present now is itself a perfect score.




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