“I am a beginner but I’d like to do a tea ceremony someday.”
“I have never done a tea ceremony but I want to know Japanese tea ceremony someday.”
“As one of the communication to foreigners, I can easily have Japanese tea ceremony party I want to do. “
Do not you think?

Your dream will come true and you will be able to enjoy the casual tea ceremony that even beginners can enjoy.


Before graduating from high school, I won the Beginner Permit in Urasenke Tea Ceremony.
After graduating from high school, I went to Sophia University Junior College Department English Department.
After that, I transferred to College of Art.
I completed the art education at the Graduate School of Fine Art University Graduate School and acquired the curatorial qualification at the same time.
I also got qualification of a clinical artist.
Since I was a student, I have held tea ceremonies, including study sessions, that can be enjoyed even by beginners who are “casual tea party” at sharehouses.
I also held a tea ceremony lecture for people coming from overseas.
In order to hold many tea ceremonies, I also obtained qualifications such as food hygiene managers.
Actively from the age of 25, I will tell the fun and enjoyment of the tea ceremony for universities and companies.
I am working to spread “Casual tea ceremony” which can be easily casually even for beginners to more people.