Aesthetics of japanese tea ceremony

There is “和敬清寂” that expresses the way of mind in Japanese Tea Ceremony in history.

The 4 most important elements of Japanese tea ceremony are

和 Harmony : open each other’s heart.

敬 Respect : respect each other.

清 Purity : your surrounding and your spirit.

寂 Tranquility : maintain a spirit of quietness.

This is what united the meaning of each these.

And,I divided the tea ceremony into 3 elements.

I will introduce 3 points of tea ceremony that you makes your life fun!

1: Hospitality people,take care of oneself

→ Tea room (cleaning)
It involves preparing the room according to the season and the time of day the event is being held.

→ How to practice tea gathering
It is so rationally calculated.
It expresses the feeling of cherishing customer in action.

For example,introduce some of manner.

How to bow
・ Straighten your back straight
・ Align your fingertips
・ Politely

How to use the door
・ Open carefully and close
・ Do not handle violently

How to use the plate and chopsticks used by everyone

・ Lift the plate with hands and lower your head
→ To express the feeling of gratitude

・ Use both chopsticks and plate carefully
→ Use carefully so that the next person can use it comfortably

If you take the tea ceremony manners into daily life,

【Attitude】Politely Slowly
【Reaction】Good feeling
【Result】Comfortable to all

2: Your heart will be enriching so that days become fun

→ Tea gathering
Every time, the theme is decided according to the season and the event, and it is held.

→ Tools
The tools change according to the season and the theme of the tea gathering, it seems as if enjoy fashion.

3: Learn from the teachings of the predecessor, more a better life

→ Zen’s way of thinking
Originally, it is linked with the fact that tea has been brought from monks, as training also.

For example,「即今当処自己」Sokkon-Tousyo-Jiko

Concentrate here in front of you now and live yourself.

This is knowledge of tea ceremony and the concept of Zen.

It means “Concentrate here in front of you now and live yourself”.

Do not regret the past.
Do not feel uneasy about the future.
Concentrate on it now, you can feel calm.

This can be achieved by concentrating on make a tea.

→ History of Japanese tea ceremony
By knowing how the tea ceremony was established, why the current tea ceremony is there and having the unique sensibility of the Japanese people.
We can understand Japan deeper, so that various things.
You can also be interested in exploring and acquiring knowledge to enrich your world.



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