How to improve 5 points while enjoying

Here I will tell you the five points where the manners are improved fun.

“I want to become better more and more.”
“I want to acquire the manners of nature”
“I want to become a person who can remember a lot of things and become able to do it”

Is not there such a thing to think?

The 5 points to tell from here are you can do at your pace, and “you can do it!”

I would be grateful if you could serve as a reference and helpful

tea ceremony

· Make it easy to continue (Do not strain)

This is very important.

For example,you think that “Let’s learn the tea ceremony”

May be when you choosing a tea ceremony room, when choosing a teacher.

Where many people say “this is good” but please choose a place where you can think that you can continue without imposing yourself.

Actually, Some people  often ask me by consultation,

· I chose a tea ceremony room near my house but the atmosphere is not suitable and it is difficult to go
· Somehow, my compatibility with my teacher has gone bad and I quit

It is like that.

Please do not compromise, it matches yourself!

Let’s decide where you think.

For example, let me study English! When I thought, the first thing I started was from “Watch an interview with my favorite British celebrity on Youtube”.

In general, there may be a choice to attend an English conversation classroom.

But, first of all, it is a hurdle high for me! I thought.

In those days, even if I was talked about, I could only say “YES” or “NO”, I could not understand simple English at all, I could not understand even at all.

So, first, I listened attentively for about 2 to 3 years each week for about an hour.

If you like Youtube you can watch and listen at your own pace for just about any time you like.

Sometimes watching beautiful movies in English-speaking countries, it is a very fun time. I am trying to listen to it so as not to forget it from for now.

Thus, at your pace, it is recommended that you choose what you can do without forcibly.


· Enjoy (find fun)

Even if it continues, it is easy to make progress having to think “I want to do more”!

Please find the pleasure of doing Japanese tea ceremony by all means.

It was a pleasure to see the teacher talking about Japanese tea ceremony every time after the end of the tea ceremony’s talk.

From there, leads to reading the tea ceremony books by myself or teaching people.

When I began to learn to speak in English, I started to go with my friends at language exchange events in English and Japanese that actually become friends with foreign people.

And, becoming friends, we will interact in Japanese and English with multiple people first.

It gradually began to talk on a one-to-one basis, and somehow, the level of English gradually rose gradually.

“Fun” is a wonderful spice in progress.


· Repeat many times (If possible, do the same thing more than 5 times)

Repetition is necessary to remember.

Everything is established at the point of the tea ceremony because everything is finely calculated and there are procedures.

Therefore, in order to remember as body, it is necessary to practice repeatedly.

In English, even words that I could not remember at first, I learned smoothly by using conversation more than 5 times actually.

For example, when I introduced myself, I did not know how to say the idea and philosophy of my work at first.

But I arrange what I want to tell, once in English, I use it in various situations.

Then, My words came out naturally from this time.


· Have a purpose (concrete dreams and goals)

“I’d like to open a tea ceremony on my own on Monday, January,”

“I want to have a permission to a professor by the year”

“I want to be a level where I can hospitality for my friends”

Anything is OK.

Please do have a wonderful dream and goal that you are excited about.

I also have many dreams related to tea ceremony.

“I want people around the world to know more about Japanese tea ceremonies!”
“I want to tell you more about the tea ceremony to convey Japanese aesthetic sense and unique culture!”
“I’d like to try a tea ceremony, but I want to push the person’s back which I can not take quickly!”
“I want to design a wonderful tea ceremony that makes the tea ceremony more attractive!”
“I want to make a tea ceremony with everyone when I make friends with tea ceremonies around the world and become a grandmother”


Even if you think that it is impossible from people, please be yourself obedient and set.

No matter what happens, it will be a strong side to support you.

· Have experience of failing a lot (not shy)

Failure is often a source of success.

In order to improve, it is also necessary to learn how to teach professionally, but also experience to fail is necessary.

I have repeatedly made various failures like fire will come out from my face if I recall.

It was the same at the tea ceremony where customers came in, and also the tea ceremony that you participated as a customer.

If I think about now, it will be a story of laughter and I will do my best from now on!

For those who say “Oh, I guess she also has failed like this!”

I think that I am sure that you will be relieved. (Lol)

I’m sure I will repeat such failures while I am gaining experience.

However, even if you make a mistake, it is okay if you give power on how to improve next and how to recover.

Later it will be a great asset for us.

I think that the easiest way to improve is our feelings.

If there is a feeling of “fun”, if there is a feeling of “I want to do this in the future”, actions will surely accompany it.

So, please cherish your feelings and thoughts, please move forward.

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